California agreed to a "landmark" settlement of a federal class action filed on behalf of hundreds of prisoners held in solitary confinement for more than a decade at the state's prison in Pelican Bay. 

     The clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples continued to do so on Tuesday, ignoring an order from the Supreme Court. 

     An Albuquerque police detective's own supervisor shot him nine times on a drug bust, because the lieutenant hadn't attended the planning meeting for the operation, the detective claims in court. 

     It took a Kansas jury two hours Monday to convict a racist of capital murder, after he said he would smile on his deathbed, proud of his anti-Semitic killing spree.

     Argentina's central banking authority has immunity from the hedge funds seeking payment on defaulted bonds worth billions, the Second Circuit ruled Monday. 

     A farm family claims Oregon's Water Resources Department improperly ordered them to stop pumping water from their own wells, in Marion County Court. 

     Ernest Evans, better known as Chubby Checker, claims Burpee seeds and Home Depot are selling Chubby Checker hybrid corn seeds in violation of his copyright, in Federal Court. 

     A Riverside County sheriff's officer shot to death the unarmed Omar Rodriguez on Christmas day last year in Coachella, his parents claim in Federal Court. 

     A Jehovah's Witness and a Muslim filed separate lawsuits against Florida Insurance Services dba Senior Life Services, claiming they were fired for objecting to the company's proselytizing at work, in Riverside County Court. 

     The Booking Collective sued Keith Cozart pka Chief Keef and Yung Fly Entertainment, claiming they took $12,000 for a concert but failed to show, in Cook County Court.  

     Directors are selling the Ryland Group to Standard Pacific Corp. too cheaply through an unfair process, in a stock swap valued at $8.2 billion, shareholders claim in Chancery Court. 

     Ferrara Candy Co. sued American Licorice Co. for $1.8 million, claiming it sold it red licorice infested with rice weevils, in Federal Court. 

     The parents of a young woman who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant as she walked along San Francisco?s waterfront have filed legal claims against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and federal officials.

     Newly released messages from Hilary Clinton's private email server show the former secretary's high aspirations, even in the early years of her office.

     Legislation strengthening California's equal-pay laws cleared its last hurdle Monday in the state Senate and heads to Gov. Jerry Brown for final approval.

     Three jurors who indicated racist attitudes during a carjacking trial should have been removed from the case, a New Jersey appeals court ruled. 

     Petco won't sell goldfish to Persians on the first day of spring, and has a store policy against it, customers claim in a civil rights lawsuit.

     A Secret Service agent pleaded guilty to swiping $820,000 in bitcoins during his investigation of the now-defunct, Deepnet black marketplace Silk Road.

     California's Central Valley water board lets oil and gas companies pollute groundwater used for drinking and irrigation, environmentalists say in a petition to the State Water Resources Control Board. 

     After refusing to take the stage one night, rapper Rich the Kid told Twitter followers that the promoter was "janky," that businessman claims in court. 

     Two mentally disabled half-brothers sued North Carolina law enforcement officials on Monday for their wrongful conviction and imprisonment for the 1983 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. 

     LA took a step closer to becoming the largest U.S. city to equip its police with body cameras as officers patrolled the streets on Monday using the new technology.

     A North Carolina county runs an unconstitutional, three-district public school system that provides "good" schools for white students and "bad" schools for blacks, parents and the NAACP claim in court. 

     Software support company Rimini Street cannot bifurcate the $209 million copyright lawsuit Oracle filed against it, a federal judge ruled. 

     Safeway must pay $30.9 million for marking up prices after promising online customers they'd pay the same as in-store buyers, a federal judge ordered Monday. 

     Attorneys and a civil liberties group have sued Canada, claiming it created an unconstitutional "two-tiered form of citizenship" by changing the country's Citizenship Act last year. 

     Environmentalists dropped a lawsuit against private landowners in the wake of a collaborative effort to demolish two defunct dams and clear a path for salmon in southern Oregon. 

     A former assistant to Portland's mayor claims in Federal Court the mayor's chief of staff opened a drawer where he kept his HIV medicine and shut him out when she discovered his disability. 

     A California rancher must amend claims that prosecutors tried to get his rights to water from a man-made ditch taken away and continue to harass him for using the ditch, a federal judge ruled. 

     An anti-abortion group asked a federal judge Tuesday for permission to respond to subpoenas seeking information it obtained from secretly recording an abortion-rights group's meetings.

     A man who crashed his paraglider into a hot air balloon at an annual Airfest in Cottonwood, Ariz., while trying to take pictures cannot blame the city, an appeals court ruled. 

     Ohio cannot deny seniors Medicaid benefits by defining "family" to exclude their spouse, the Sixth Circuit ruled. 

     The Alaska Supreme Court rejected a challenge by BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and several towns to a nearly $9 billion valuation of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. 

     A toy hamster sharing the same name as a Fox News reporter is the basis for a lawsuit against toymaker Hasbro.  

     A new cybersecurity task force will reinforce online security and protect critical state information from data breaches, Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday.

     A former gym teacher convicted of having sex with at least two male students on school grounds now faces a civil lawsuit by one of her victims. 

     A U.S. drugmaker with foreign patents for an anemia treatment won a Supreme Court stay against its competitor's attempts at discovery. 

     "We are going to be rich," a Houston "mass tort" attorney told a contractor before stiffing it for $13 million worth of paralegal work, the contractor claims in court. 

     The Klamath County Sheriff sued the county and the Klamath County Peace Officers Association, claiming a de facto strike by seven of his 16 officers is endangering public safety, in Klamath County Court. 

     The Center for Biological Diversity asked a federal judge to stop the U.S. Forest Service from allowing post-fire logging on 1,000 acres in the Sierra National Forest, because black-backed woodpeckers and other species like the habitat. 

     An Aurora Vista Del Mar Hospital employee raped a patient repeatedly while she was in a locked-down psych ward, she claims in Ventura County Court. 

     A Korean promoter claims ZZYX Entertainment took a $100,000 down payment on a (nonparty) Bon Jovi concert but couldn't produce the band; click headline to see defendants in Superior Court.

     Fundamental mismanagement diverted more than $1 billion meant for disability services in Minnesota to the state's general fund, a class claims in Federal Court. 

     The school district for Tennessee's most populous area is struggling to meet educational standards because the state hasn't provided enough funding, the district claims in court. 

     A rattlesnake venom merchant's defamation claims are baseless and its proposal to settle a patent review process amounts to an extortion attempt, an antivenin producer claims in court. 

     Work-related text messages created on a public employee's private cellphone are public records, the Washington state Supreme Court unanimously ruled. 

     The Portsmouth, Va. justice system is dealing with a second young black male's death after 24-year-old Jamycheal Mitchell was found dead in his jail cell.

     Evidence that a California real estate investor put incriminating emails in his "deleted items" folder does not prove he actually obstructed a foreclosure bid-rigging probe, the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday. 

     Pharmaceutical company Northwest Biotherapeutics prematurely released results of new cancer treatment studies to artificially boost stock value, a class claims in Federal Court. 

     The rest of the Supreme Court joined their chief Monday in keeping Virginia's former governor out prison while he appeals a corruption conviction. 

     TD Bank for years failed to pay mortgage loan officers proper overtime wages, a class claims.


     Device Enhancement claims an's Silk Web browser violates its patent, in Federal Court. 

     Reeves International fired a worker who blew the whistle on safety-compliance issues at a Chinese factory that the toy distributor works with, the man claims in court. 

     The contraceptive mandate in the federal health care reform law violates the rights of an abortion-opposed nonprofit, a federal judge ruled Monday.