Two former Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies were charged with planting guns at a medical marijuana dispensary to support the arrest of two men in 2011, prosecutors said Wednesday.

     The mastermind of a $50 million Ponzi scheme - an attorney-priest - claims in court that he was convicted because his attorneys failed to represent him adequately. 

     A 72-year-old Pennsylvania man is among three people charged with conspiring to export lab equipment to Syria in violation of federal law.

     The Democratic Governors Association sued the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission in Federal Court, for the right to spend unlimited money in the state, despite the state laws. 

     In a 101-page consent decree with the United States regarding sewage overflows, Miami-Dade County has agreed to pay a $978,100 civil penalty. 

     Two Memphis policemen shot a man seven times, killing him, without probable cause, his family claims in Shelby County Court. 

     Stephen Baron and his wholly owned Condor Capital Corp., a subprime auto finance firm, "engaged in a longstanding scheme to steal funds from its vulnerable customers," New York's Superintendent of Financial Services claims in Federal Court.

     Directors of Weatherford International (oilfield services) agreed to pay $252 million to settle charges that it bribed foreign officials, cooked the books and misled investors, shareholders say in a derivative complaint in Harris County Court. 

     Life Time Fitness sends illegal mass spam ads to wireless phones, for which the unwitting recipients have to pay, a class action claims in Federal Court.  

     Joao Control & Monitoring Systems LLC claims that DirecTV, Dish Network et al. violate one or more tech patents, in eight federal lawsuits. 

     Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders seek a state court's help to get paid for their work on and off the football field - for which they claim they were paid as little as $105 a season. 

     The judge in accused mass murderer James Holmes' trial denied his attorneys' request to videotape jury selection and rebuffed their claim that the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office is recording proceedings. 

     A priest dressed in his underwear chased a boy down the street after getting him drunk and sexually abusing him, the boy's guardian claims in court. 

     Virginia Beach school administrators ordered a school nurse to strip search a teacher "down to her undergarments" because one of her students had scabies, the outraged teacher claims in court. 

     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuses to change the Cabinet-Yaak grizzly bear's status from "threatened" to "endangered" though it admits it should be, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies claims in court. 

     The 7th Circuit has upheld a law that sharply curbs the power of public-employee unions to bargain with Wisconsin and local governments, and eliminates payroll deductions for union dues. 

     A Miami securities recidivist defrauded investors, many of them senior citizens, of $8.7 million in supposed real estate-backed offerings, the SEC claims in court. 

     A Taiwanese company poses a "potential threat" to American children by selling mold-prevention packing for shoes that uses an ingredient found in rodent repellent, a U.S. rival claims in court.

     In still more fallout from the Raj Rajaratnam inside trading case, the SEC accused a former accounting manager at Nvidia of tipping cronies who made $16.5 million for themselves and their hedge funds from the inside information. 

     A Texas television production company sold another producer's ideas for the Dallas Car Sharks reality show to Discovery Communications without authorization, the Dallas man claims in court. 

     Reporter's privilege does not shield a New York City police officer's account of his forcible institutionalization for taping roll-call meetings discussing ticket quotas, a federal judge ruled. 

     Some of the more than $200 million in bribes that Chun Doo-hwan collected as president of the Republic of Korea went into a Newport Beach home, the United States said in a federal forfeiture complaint.

     A Texas jury awarded a family approximately $3 million in what is believed to be the first verdict of its kind finding injuries from fracking. 

     A federal judge imposed a life sentence Friday against the gang lieutenant who ordered the March 2010 murders of a U.S. Consulate employee, her husband and the husband of another Consulate worker.

     A company has agreed to pay a $19.9 million fine for conspiring to fix the prices of mechanisms installed in U.S. cars, the Justice Department said.

     A federal judge must assess qualified immunity in a case brought by the family of a federal agent shot to death by drug cartel members allegedly using weapons from the bungled Operation Fast and Furious, the 5th Circuit ruled. 

     A judge who found errors in a $124 million jury award over a new computer memory chip made the right call, a California appeals court ruled. 

     New federal standards on cement emissions pass muster, but polluters should not have been given an affirmative defense for "unavoidable" releases, the D.C. Circuit ruled. 

     Reversed by the Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit admitted Wednesday that a man's bankruptcy fraud did not free his exempt assets to pay attorneys' fees for a trustee. 

     The mother of a 17-year-old student who died when a Fed-Ex driver lost control of his truck and smashed into a school bus claims in court that the fiery wreck that claimed 10 lives could have been avoided if the carrier had done more to maintain its trucks.

     A Steinway piano dealer refuses to turn over the mint 1916 model signed by Tony Bennett that was supposed to be auctioned for charity, the Amy Winehouse Foundation claims in court.

     San Francisco police officers alleging age discrimination in the department deserve another look at their motion for class certification, the 9th Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     A police chief who was disciplined after his contact with a suspect damaged a capital-murder case must face off with a grieving family member seeking justice, an appeals court ruled. 

     A former government contractor faces prison time after pleading guilty Thursday to falsifying background checks on various applicants, including those seeking classified work.

     James L. Erwin, of Las Vegas, and his company Joint Venture Solutions defrauded investors of $2.6 million, lost all of it, and paid himself $210,000 for his trouble, the SEC claims in Federal Court. 

     Comedy Playground claims NBCUniversal violated its "Comedy Playground" trademark in a talent search, in Federal Court. 

     A man got rat bite fever from a rat he bought at a Petco in South Portland, Maine, he claims in Federal Court. 

     A Philadelphia cop shot to death a naked, unarmed man "having a bad reaction to some drugs," his estate claims in Federal Court. claims that Facebook violates two of its patents, in Federal Court.