National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell told a federal jury Wednesday the league "accepts responsibility" for temporary seating failures at Super Bowl XLV.

     With Chief Justice John Roberts notably silent, party lines otherwise split the Supreme Court at a hearing Wednesday on the tax subsidies provision of the Affordable Care Act.

     An appeals court has revived claims over a Milwaukee home that exploded during a natural-gas leak, injuring the mother and child still inside. 

     Texas journalists back a proposed law that would protect them from libel lawsuits for accurately reporting whistleblower allegations that turn out to be false.

     Nick Cannon wants Miller Kaplan Arase CPA et al. enjoined from disbursing any of the $9 million expected from the March 6 sale of his house until he can see related financial documents provided to his estranged wife, (nonparty) Mariah Carey, in Superior Court.

     Albuquerque police tackled, assaulted, handcuffed and arrested a slight, 54-year-old woman in her own garage, for driving with an expired license plate, she claims in Federal Court. 

     Judicial Watch demands records of communications between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Nagla Mahmoud, the wife of former Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi, and between Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin and Mahmoud, in a federal FOIA complaint. 

     Harold Lloyd Entertainment claims Moment Factory One violates copyright on its rights to the Harold Lloyd movie "Safety Last!" in its "Time Tower" installation at LAX airport, which features a man dangling from the hands of a giant clock, in Federal Court. 

     Kenneth and Taylor Levin, father and son, et al., defrauded investors of $9 million in a "business opportunity" scam involving vending machines, federal prosecutors claim; click headline to seen the defendants. 

     A Royal Sonesta Hotel - New Orleans security guard "violently raped" a guest in her room, she claims in Orleans Parish Court. 

     The Boston Marathon bombing trial kicked off on Wednesday with the defense attempting to paint Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a mere marionette controlled his maniacal older brother.

     "This the last place I want to be right now," Pharrell Williams testified Wednesday as he described his "love" for Marvin Gaye, while battling Gaye's family in a copyright case involving his song "Blurred Lines" and Gaye's "Got to Give It Up."

     A federal wolf management plan to protect livestock will kill more than half of Washington's 52 known gray wolves and violate environmental laws, conservationists claim in court. 

     The family of a teenager who was declared legally dead after complications from surgery in December 2013 sued the hospital that treated her, contending that Jahi McMath is still alive. 

     A group of private and charter high schools wants a state court to throw out new rules governing the transfer of student athletes because they limit school choice. 

     A federal judge stayed a class action that claims Comcast saddled its residential customers with the cost of using their wireless routers to set up a secondary public wi-fi network. 

     The sale of the Las Vegas Review-Journal ended a federal antitrust suit over the potential sale of the competing Las Vegas Sun to the Review-Journal?s former owner.

     Publishing giant Reed Elsevier cannot be sued for allegedly diverting law firm website visitors to competing, lead-buying attorney websites through malware, a federal judge ruled. 

     A bipolar Texan who told a judge he was "seeing lights blink" before he was convicted of kidnapping and sexual assault should have undergone a competency hearing, a federal judge ruled. 

     Palestinian groups linked to the shooting of a bus passenger in the West Bank need not face a lawsuit in Washington from her family, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. 

     A Cal Fire chief and two firefighters have been disciplined for acts ranging from solicitation of prostitutes to drinking on the job and other sexual behavior, according to documents released by the State Personnel Board.

     The 9th Circuit refused Wednesday to throw out a ban of large-capacity gun magazines in Sunnyvale, Calif. 

     A federal judge sentenced former New York City councilman Daniel Halloran to 10 years in prison for his role in a bribery plot to hijack the city's mayoral elections, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

     A county clerk says the county and its building authority are ignoring a serious mold problem in his office that caused him to develop asthma. 

     Michael Brown's parents will file a wrongful-death lawsuit against Darren Wilson and the city of Ferguson, they said Thursday.

     The 6th Circuit seemed likely Tuesday to uphold a ruling against Kentucky's ban on electioneering within 300 feet of an active polling site.

     A pacemaker manufacturer that discovered a possible defect is liable for the costs of replacing the devices whether they were actually defective or not, the EU high court ruled Thursday. 

     A Pakistani national who planned to bomb a busy England pedestrian mall was convicted Wednesday of supporting al-Qaida.

     The Alabama Supreme Court has ordered probate judges across the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. 

     It is not too late for Barclays Capital to face claims over its allegedly bogus valuations of investment mortgages, the 10th Circuit ruled. 

     Insurers had no obligation to pay for a frozen food company's losses in the wake of the "downer" cow ground beef recall, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday. 

     An Albemarle County circuit court judge agreed to delay the trial of accused murderer Jesse Matthew to give his defense team time to enlist a DNA expert.

     The families of six killed by a Washington state man during a psychotic episode can sue his former jailers for allegedly failing to treat his mental illness. 

     A convicted ice-pick killer forfeited his right to testify by disregarding court instructions and behaving in an unruly manner, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled. 

     Doctors waited years to investigate chest pain, which was by then a large malignant tumor, a woman claims in court. 

     A contract employee was pulled legs first into a meat blender and killed at Interstate Meat Distributors in Oregon, his family claims in Clackamas County Court. 

     Grand Prairie, Texas (pop. 175,000) is 40 percent Latino but gerrymandered its City Council districts so that no Latino has been elected for decades, a voter claims in a Voting Rights Act lawsuit. 

     Directors are selling Emulex Corp. (tech products) too cheaply through an unfair process to Avago Technologies, for $8 a share or $606 million, shareholders claim in Chancery Court. 

     Christians who proselytized with a severed pig's head at a festival told the full 6th Circuit that their treatment at the event was unconstitutional.

      Allstar Marketing Group, the firm behind such as-seen-on-TV products as Snuggies and Magic Mesh, will pay $7.5 million to settle claims it deceives consumers into paying exorbitant fees. 

     France and Luxembourg ran afoul of EU tax laws by charging reduced VAT rates on digital books, Europe's highest court ruled Thursday. 

     The family of former South Korean president Chun Doo-hawn agreed Wednesday to forfeit $1.2 million in bribery proceeds laundered in the U.S. 

     A class action filed in Memphis is the latest in a growing number of lawsuits claming Uber and Lyft are operating in new territories without mandatory licenses and other requisites. 

     A population of coelacanth, once thought to have gone extinct 65 million years ago, may get Endangered Species Act protection.

     Switzerland violated the rights of journalists it prosecuted for using a hidden camera to document abuses in the insurance brokerage industry, the European Court of Human Rights ruled.

     Apache Corp. failed to notify the former owners of 39,000 acres of mineral leases in Kansas that it would not extend any of those leases, seven companies claim.


     A woman who says Notre Dame urged her onto the university's ice arena before a hockey game wants damages because she slipped and fell. 

     Singers Hall & Oates, suing as Whole Oats Enterprises, claim that Early Bird Foods' "Haulin' Oats" granola violates their trademark, in Federal Court. 

     The Department of State has failed for 13 years to provide records of more than 600 phone calls to and from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger between 1973 and 1976, the National Security Archive claims in a federal FOIA complaint. 

     Lumber Liquidators sells hardwood and laminate flooring from China that exude dangerous levels of formaldehyde, customers claim in a federal class action.