Four journalists were shot with rubber bullets and falsely arrested while covering the Ferguson protests, they claimed in a federal lawsuit Monday. 

     The attorney pro tem helping to prosecute former Texas Gov. Rick Perry claims his invoices for legal services are judicial records not subject to disclosure. 

     An insurer need pay a Nevada motel-casino only $1 million for the carbon monoxide deaths of four guests because the deaths were a single occurrence, a federal judge ruled. 

     Haroun Aswat, a schizophrenic, 40-year-old Brit, pleaded guilty to charges connected to Oregon's so-called "terror camp" on Monday, all but closing the docket on a 15-year old case. 

     A Maryland counselor who lost his license over his treatment of a survivor of the Boston Marathon terror attacks now faces a civil lawsuit. 

     A flight instructor was video-chatting on his cellphone prior to the helicopter crash that killed him and left his student with serious injuries, a lawsuit claims. 

     A welding business owner defrauded ExxonMobil of $5.5 million with a billing scam he ran with an Exxon worker, federal prosecutors said.

     Alameda County Superior Court demoted a 33-year employee because she objected to her boss's demand that she stop counting cash in German, she claims in Superior Court. 

     A McDonald's in Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. sold a man a cheeseburger with someone else's dentures in it, the alarmed customer claims in Camden County Court. 

     A Lyon County, Nev. jail guard forced a jail inmate to give him oral sex, the woman claims in Federal Court. 

     Aaron Hernandez's fiance gave up little as she testified Monday about a box she said the football star had her remove after Odin Lloyd was found dead.

     Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday signed a law requiring medical professionals to tell patients they can reverse drug-induced abortions, and prohibiting women from buying health insurance through the federal exchange if it includes abortion coverage.

     An "imminent" strike by Allegiant Air pilots would leave passengers stranded and disrupt commerce in violation of federal law, the airline claimed Monday in a federal lawsuit against the Teamsters. 

     California's department of prisons violated the First Amendment rights of a prison guard who committed suicide, a federal judge ruled. 

     A federal judge denied three pharmaceutical giants' request to dismiss a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging they paid kickbacks to doctors to prescribe the blood thinner Integrilin for off-label uses. 

     Supreme Court justices appeared skeptical Monday of Louisiana's explanation for denying a death-row inmate a hearing on whether he is mentally retarded.

     Hackers broke into Kazakhstan's computer network, stole sensitive emails and documents from the country's Ministry of Justice and posted them online, the country claims in a lawsuit against 100 John Does. 

     A giant telecom company pays Denton County, Texas kickbacks for a monopoly on "video visitation," after the county banned face-to-face visits, prisoners claim in an antitrust class action. 

     After a trial lawyer sued two men who he claims hospitalized him with serious brain injuries, one of the alleged attackers responded that the man's "injuries resulted from his own behavior, best described as aggression fueled by alcohol."

     Online ticket reseller StubHub claims in a federal antitrust lawsuit that the Golden State Warriors are telling fans to resell their season tickets through Ticketmaster or lose their season tickets altogether. 

     Two former federal agents probing Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht allegedly swiped hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital drug money for themselves during their investigation, a federal complaint reveals. 

     Con Ed fired the recruiter who made it hire a former New York City police officer disgraced after the Abner Louima brutalization case, she says in court. 

     A sex offender who must wear a GPS monitoring bracelet for the rest of his life won a new shot from the Supreme Court on Monday to fight that punishment. 

     A federal judge granted technology giant SanDisk's motion to remand its trade secrets lawsuit back to a California Superior Court. 

     A car-accident victim ordered to reimburse medical coverage after settling with the other driver persuaded the Supreme Court to take up his case Monday. 

     The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of a Kansas Supreme Court ruling overturning the death sentences of three men convicted of murder. 

     Resolving two cases, a New York appellate court found a 75-to-life sentence appropriate for an ex-NYPD rapist, and cleared city officials in the case of the so-called "road-rage cop."

     A federal judge certified a class of Georgia residents who claim the state denied them benefits by delaying processing their applications for food stamps. 

     Voters sued Arizona to try to stop the Legislature from putting a ballot measure that would divert money from state trust lands into administration of the lands, instead of using it for schools as required by the state constitution, in Superior Court. 

     A vacated death sentence in Kansas will face review by the U.S. Supreme Court, the justices said Monday. 

     The Supreme Court on Monday remanded a case involving Virginia's 2012 redistricting map without a hearing, days after striking down Alabama's similar 2010 redistricting plan as improperly motivated by race. 

     A convicted murderer failed to show that the brief absence of his trial counsel during witness testimony violated his rights, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. 

     To disguise kickbacks it paid doctors prescribing its medications, Teva Pharmaceuticals listed the payments as honorariums from "sham" physician-speaker programs, whistle-blowers claim in Federal Court.

     Embarrassment does not justify masking the name of a woman upset that attorneys shared video of her sexual harassment, a federal judge ruled. 

     Citing a 70 percent drop in the price of common stock since software maker A10 Networks went public last year, the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System filed a securities class action that echoes earlier claims.


     A U.S. health care worker whom the National Institutes of Health is treating for Ebola is in fair condition, the agency said Monday.