A defense attorney told jurors during closing arguments in the "Grim Sleeper" serial murders trial that a mystery "nephew" of defendant Lonnie Franklin Jr. could be to blame for the killing of nine young black women and teenage girl.

     California officials hinted Tuesday that mandatory drought restrictions could soon be eased after statewide water use declined 24 percent in March.

     The lab that sold medication rights to reviled former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli asked a federal judge to stop Turing from selling the drug under its name.  

     Fresno County dodged excessive force and unlawful arrest liability in a case where an officer on courthouse detail arrested an attorney who refused to hand over a child's toy wrench that was found in the purse of his client's family member. 

     Abbott Labs denied rumors last year that it was planning to acquire St. Jude Medical, causing shares to plunge, before buying St. Jude at a discounted price, a shareholder class action claims. 

     Nevada's biggest newspaper became the news again, when longtime Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith resigned after being told not to write about its new owner, Sheldon Adelson.

      Less than two years after the release of the Senate "torture report," the National Archives has alarmed human-rights and press advocates by refusing to call the report a "federal record." 

     An FBI agent faces years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to stealing $136,000 in seized drug money, falsifying reports and tampering with a witness.

     The Columbia, South Carolina, police department on Tuesday agreed to take steps to improve its interactions with the hearing-impaired, both on local roads and at a precinct.

     Fitbit's stock dropped 40 percent to less than $12 a share upon exposure of errors and omissions that helped the company raise $732 million when it went public, a class claims.


     South Dakota forces disabled people to live in facilities outside their homes, in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Department of Justice told Gov. Dennis Daugaard on Monday, after a lengthy investigation. 

     A San Bernardino County sheriff's officer responded to an auto accident caused by a drunk driver that broke an elderly man's arms by handcuffing him though the bone was protruding, he claims in Federal Court.  

     Crane Cartage claims in Federal Court that a property manager let a man onto its lot and he proceeded to drive a truck over 35 motorcycles, then drove a forklift off a loading dock, and "acted as if nothing untoward had happened" when police arrested him. 

     Toyo Denso, Omron Automotive Electronics, et al. conspired to fix the prices of automobile power window switches from 2003 to 2013, a class action claims in British Columbia Supreme Court. 

     Donald Trump scored a resounding victory in Indiana's Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, handily defeating Sen. Ted Cruz and driving the Texan from the race for the nomination. In the Democratic race, Sen. Bernie Sanders has defeated Hillary Clinton. 

     Grappling with the case for the second time Monday, the Third Circuit debated whether a man who posted murder-tinged rap lyrics about his ex-wife on Facebook actually threatened her.

     Several Facebook shareholders have filed class actions contending the company's plan to issue a new class of non-voting stock is nothing more than attempt to further entrench and enrich founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

     The feds threw another book at investors behind a Nevada company accused of running a kick-back investment scheme to net $131 million. 

     The Colorado Supreme Court struck down fracking bans in the cities of Fort Collins and Longmont, finding state law leaves fracking regulations in the hands of the state, not municipalities. 

     A prominent Connecticut rabbi faces a federal civil complaint accusing him of raping one of his yeshiva students for four years. 

     A historic California ranch claims ConocoPhillips contaminated its water and soil by installing and failing to maintain a network of leaky pipelines. 

     The Gordon College professor claims in court the school's administration retaliated against her after she spoke out against the college president's stance on LGBT discrimination. 

     Two years after BNP Paribas paid nearly $9 billion for dealing with "rogue nations," Sudanese refugees filed a federal class action calling the bank complicit in their government's persecution. 

     The first proposed "bathroom bill" ordinance in Texas, requiring people to use bathrooms for their gender at birth, failed to pass in a wealthy Dallas suburb Monday night.

     Arizona asked a nonprofit watchdog for $50,000 for election registration records, but provides the information to political parties for free, Project Vote claims in court. 

     Families of two elderly women who died when a casino charter bus crashed on a Dallas-area toll road were awarded $10.9 million in damages from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma on Monday.

     Greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels for energy in the European Union increased 0.7 percent in 2015, likely due to climate conditions and economic growth, Eurostat said Tuesday. 

     Industrial producer prices rose 0.3 percent in the eurozone and 0.4 percent in the full European Union in March due to rising energy and durable goods prices, Eurostat said Tuesday. 

     Peter D. Nunan, a semiconductor executive, made $254,000 by trading on inside information about the proposed acquisition of nonparty FSI International, a semiconductor company, the SEC claims in a settled complaint in Federal Court. 

     Parents sued Laramie County School District No. 1 in Federal Court, claiming a 52-year-old female teacher, now in prison, had sex with their son for more than a year, when he was 12 and 13. 

     Two women sued Butte County (Calif.) and its former jail guard Timothy Hill, the jail's May 2014 Officer of the Month, who was sentenced to 30 days in jail in October 2015 for committing sex crimes in the presence of a female inmate, in Federal Court. 

     A federal judge sentenced Sheldon Silver to 12 years in prison Tuesday, plus forfeiture and fines nearing $7 million, for corruption during his tenure as speaker of the New York Assembly.

     San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Monday that the city will dedicate nearly $130 million to implement one of the nation's most ambitious climate action plans, aiming to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.

     A federal judge ordered a May 12 hearing for the U.S. government's motion against a Russian man in his 14th year of detention at Guantanamo Bay. 

     Tucson police continue to use traffic stops illegally to check immigration papers and call the Border Patrol, despite a supposed policy against it, the ACLU said in warning letters to police and Homeland Security.

     The feds threw another book at investors behind a Nevada company accused of running a kick-back investment scheme to net $131 million. 

     A St. Louis jury has once again ordered a huge award against Johnson & Johnson on claims that its talcum powder causes ovarian cancer.

     A federal judge ordered private arbitration of class action claims that AT&T does not adequately disclose throttling of mobile customers with unlimited data plans. 

     The state of Louisiana on Tuesday secured $137.5 million through the master settlement agreement between tobacco companies and several states.

     U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter blasted what the U.S. and its allies see as Russian aggression in Europe, saying Tuesday that Moscow is "going backward in time" with warlike actions.

     A lesbian says in court that New York utility Consolidated Edison rescinded her job offer after its background check turned up her 3-year-old fine art post on Facebook, depicting a topless woman, and a comment chain confirming her sexual orientation. 

     Citing two executed search warrants, one shooting and hundreds of 911 calls for drugs, firearms and prostitution, the District of Columbia wants an injunction against a Budget Motor Inn. 

     The Fifth Circuit upheld an injunction Monday that lets a Muslim inmate in Texas sport a four-inch beard and knit skullcap called a kufi. 

     A prisoner-rights group filed suit to obtain records concerning a Massachusetts prison's new mental-health unit and its contract with Correction Psychiatric Services, among other records. 

     A music manager claims in court that Kevin Kadish owes him 15 percent of revenue after Kadish co-wrote and produced Meghan Trainor's multi-platinum single "All About That Bass." 

     Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Tuesday evening vetoed a bill that would have allowed concealed handguns on college campuses. 

     There is nothing new in a revived whistleblower lawsuit against Corinthian Colleges, a lawyer for the now-shuttered education company told a Ninth Circuit panel on Tuesday.

     France threatened to reject a major trade deal between the United States and the European Union on Tuesday in the wake of Greenpeace's release of 248 pages of confidential negotiating documents.

     The Ninth Circuit on Tuesday upheld an injunction arising from an antitrust lawsuit brought by a group of West Coast fishers that will prevent a seafood-processor merger. 

     Prosecutors said Tuesday that a major contemporary art dealer will pay $7 million for not paying sales and use taxes on acquired art, including pieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

     Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday fired back at DraftKings' lawsuit challenging his advisory opinion that fantasy sports betting websites are illegal gambling in Texas, and asked a Dallas County judge to move the case or dismiss it.

     A federal judge Monday refused an animal rights group's demand for a restraining order against the Coast Guard, which it accuses of letting federal wildlife agents slaughter cormorants in "a highly secretive program" called Wildlife Services. 

     Authorities and emergency responders were called to Prince's suburban Minneapolis home over the last five years for everything from mundane reports of tripped fire alarms to more serious medical calls, a log released Tuesday shows.

     MetLife was fined $20 million on Tuesday for misleading customers in switching them from variable annuities contracts into more expensive ones. 

     Florida's largest newspaper, The Tampa Bay Times, said Tuesday it has purchased its main competitor, the Tampa Tribune, ending a decades-long newspaper rivalry.

     A video obtained by a North Carolina newspaper appears to show a jail inmate backing away from an officer before being shocked with a stun gun three times and left alone for about 20 minutes in a padded cell where he died.

     Business with 250 or more employees added 231,000 jobs to the U.S. economy in the third quarter of 2015.