New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cannot use security concerns as a reason to withhold credit card receipts sought after by a reporter, a judge ruled today.

     Apple cannot disqualify a court-appointed monitor or limit his role in probing the company for antitrust violations in e-book prices, the 2nd Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     Environmental group Sea Shepherd has asked a federal court to bar Japanese fleets from violating international bans on whaling.

     The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a long-awaited rule to increase environmental protections for small streams, tributaries and wetlands, despite criticism from farm groups and congressional Republicans.

     Texas will create a grant system for law enforcement agencies to buy body cameras for their officers.

     The federal government simultaneously sued and settled with Provident Funding Associates, over claims the lender charged black and Hispanic homeowners higher fees for mortgages, the Justice Department said Thursday.

     The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday formally ordered the owner of a ruptured oil pipeline spoiling the California coastline to clean up its mess. and FTD will pay $11 million to settle 22 states' claims the companies misled and unfairly billed customers, South Dakota's attorney general said.

     A Texas federal jury Wednesday convicted the head of private jet-booking system operator of a pump-and-dump securities fraud.

     Hannah New owes her manager Stacey Castro Media 15 percent commission for 2 years of work and damages for breach of contract, Castro claims in Superior Court.

     WalMart will pay $820,000 to settle claims that it misrepresented its tire warranties, after being sued by two California counties and the City of San Diego.

     For 4 years Tinder didn't inform subscribers of their right to cancel, a class action claims in San Luis Obispo County Court. 

     A notebook detailing accused mass murderer James Holmes' days before the slaughter at an Aurora movie theater was entered into evidence Tuesday in the capital murder trial. 

     Attempts to shield a billion-dollar monopoly by making Alzheimer's patients switch their Actavis drugs inflamed the 2nd Circuit, a ruling unsealed Thursday shows. 

     Federal plans for wildfire protection in California's East Bay Hills unwisely fail to deal with eucalyptus trees - explosively flammable, non-native hazards that should be replaced, the Sierra Club claims in court. 

     Canadian and U.S. musicians and composers sued the major movie studios Tuesday for reusing sound tracks without paying musicians, in violation of a collective bargaining agreement. 

     South Carolina's Heritage Act wrongly enshrines decades-old segregationist messages in public places such as courthouse grounds and town squares, five veterans claim in lawsuit. 

     Three female employees of Virginia State University claim in separate lawsuits they are paid less than their male counterparts for comparable work. 

     Chevron is to blame for a failing slope that made a smaller company stop work and spend millions of dollars on environmental remediation, the smaller company claims in court. 

     Imperial County and the Imperial Irrigation District agreed to settle a long-running dispute over a water transfer deal and its impacts on California's vanishing Salton Sea. 

      A youth minister affiliated with the United Church of Christ sent pictures of his erect penis to a 15-year-old and later raped her in a church basement, her parents claim in court. 

     The California department of prisons threatened, muzzled and defamed a top medical officer at San Quentin for blowing the whistle on its shoddy mental health care, the doctor claims in court. 

     A worldwide antitrust case alleging price-fixing in capacitors will proceed though a federal judge dismissed 15 of 27 defendants Tuesday, with leave to amend. 

     To prepare for its initial public offering, Fitbit poached talent and stole trade secrets to "decimate" a competitor, Jawbone claims in court. 

     As majority leader for the New York state Senate, Dean Skelos funneled "hundreds of thousands of dollars" for his son, a six-count indictment charged Thursday. 

     Weekends should not be counted in the 180-day appeal period for the denial of long-term disability benefits, the 9th Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     Asylum is not available to a man who says he was forced to help a terrorist group in Sierra Leone, the 3rd Circuit ruled. 

     Teva Pharmaceuticals will pay $1.2 billion to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it unlawfully stymied generic competition to its sleep-disorder drug Provigil. 

     A wholesaler that imported more than 20,000 counterfeit Atlanta Braves baseball caps into the United States must pay nearly $700,000 in fines, a federal judge ruled. 

     New York City's attempt to build on federal banking laws has become ripe for federal court review by way of its new mayor, the industry claims.

     The 8th Circuit on Wednesday struck down an Arkansas abortion ban that would have been among the strictest in the country. 

     Negligence by Ponce Funeral Homes caused a man's remains to arrive in a decomposed state unfit for the funeral planned, a widow claims in court. 

     A manager for American Casing & Equipment, of Williston, N.D., peed on a Filipino worker and fired him after he complained, the EEOC claims in Federal Court. 

     Directors are selling ANN Inc. (Ann Taylor) too cheaply through an unfair process to Ascena Retail Group, for $47 a share or $2.2 billion, shareholders claim in Chancery Court. 

     Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish fired his personal assistant after Darvish's dog bit him, Alexander Witmer claims in Superior Court.

     Accenture fired a 27-year employee after years of sexist discrimination, including "coaching" her on "the 'appropriate career level' at which to have children," she claims in Federal Court.  

     Pennysaver, a longtime weekly shopper in Southern California, shut down and laid off hundreds of workers without notice, a class action WARN Act complaint claims in Orange County Court.  

      Connecticut property developers are entitled to $2.2 million in damages after buying actress Katharine Hepburn's former beachfront home with an unclear title, the state appeals court ruled. 

     A New York journalist investigating the "Buffalo Billion" economic development initiative has asked a judge to break an information logjam. 

     The Alabama Department of Corrections on Thursday agreed to sweeping reforms at its Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women to settle a federal lawsuit claiming sexual victimization of inmates by corrections officers. 

     Two companies say in court that their CFO embezzled millions to live a lavish lifestyle with Las Vegas cocktail waitress mistress. 

     Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart settled a lawsuit stemming from the June 2014 crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that severely injured the actor-comedian and left one of his friends dead. 

     A federal judge granted class certification in a case alleging Yahoo scans emails sent by nonsubscribers for financial gain - but more narrowly than the plaintiffs would have liked. 

     A jury awarded a Minnesota girl $15 million due to birth defects caused by a drug taken by her mother while pregnant.

     The European Council ordered a one-year extension of economic and travel sanctions against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's regime on Thursday, citing conditions that continue to deteriorate in the war-torn nation.

     Mark Amin claims that Clear Skies Nevada and Voltage Pictures breached contract by failing to properly credit him and his production company for their work on "Good Kill," in Superior Court.