Friday, March 24, 2023

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Shou Chew defended efforts that the social media giant is taking to protect user data, as well as its ties to its parent company in China.

by Benjamin S. Weiss

Secretary of State Antony Blinken defended his agency’s reluctance to publish dissent cables from embassy staff in Kabul.

by Benjamin S. Weiss

Three genes working in tandem help a South African daisy give the appearance it's teeming with female flies.

by Kendra Leon

A federal judge threw out the family’s lawsuit against the cruise line, finding there was no way it could have foreseen that the toddler’s grandfather would hold her out an open window.

by Kayla Goggin

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Mexico is running out of water, and authorities appear to be doing little to plug the leak. Activists have proposed a new federal law to manage the country’s water supply.

by Cody Copeland

Courts & the Law

A jury will decide as soon as Friday whether Mark Ridley-Thomas is guilty of bribery by soliciting favors for his son from USC in exchange for help with the university getting LA County contracts.

by Edvard Pettersson

Environmentalists say the government bypassed regulations and the plan will decimate endangered plants and animals.

by Bob Leal

Hundreds of mobile home park residents face eviction by landowners who have other plans for the land the parks are on.

by Joe Duhownik

Users of the stock trading app who claim they lost billions are appealing a district court ruling that the company’s customer contract gives it the right to restrict trading at any time.

by Megan Butler

Lawyers for the couple asked an appeals court to drop the charges against them, but a three-judge panel ruled there is enough evidence for a trial to move forward.

by Andy Olesko

Prosecutor Alvin Bragg balked at what he called an unprecedented inquiry by Republicans in Congress, saying his office's indictment of the former president would occur only if the law requires it.

by Josh Russell

Semenya and others will have to undergo hormone-suppressing treatment for six months before competing to be eligible.

by Associated Press

Around the Nation

Legislators were considering impeachment for South Carolina’s top accountant after a $3.5 billion error caused a misreporting of the state's cash balances.

by Steve Garrison

Homeowners in Hawaii and Florida say that the banks conspired to deliberately foreclose on them knowing that they couldn't pay back the loans.

by Candace Cheung

An inmate died of medical neglect after languishing for months in a filthy jail cell. A federal investigation could explain why conditions are deteriorating at the state's jails, a lawmaker says.

by Steve Garrison

The inmates suffered second-degree burn injuries on their feet that went untreated until the following day.

by Bob Leal

The decision upholds a state agency's limits on the presence of the chemical in the state's water supply.

by Eric Burkett

The new study shows that fish can detect fear in other fish, and then become afraid too – and that this ability is regulated by oxytocin, the same brain chemical that underlies the capacity for empathy in humans.

by Associated Press

The Securities and Exchange Commission clawed back over $400,000 paid to celebrities who boosted crypto tokens on social media without properly disclosing that they were being compensated.

by Josh Russell


by Lorraine Bailey

The Second Circuit ruled that a parent lacks standing to sue New York University for partial reimbursement of spring 2020 tuition paid on behalf of her adult daughter when Covid-19 led to the cancellation of in-person classes.

A federal judge found that the FBI adequately searched its records for any information pertaining to three immigration attorney-activists while the NSA and CIA are entitled to neither confirm nor deny the existence of any relevant records based on national security exemptions.

A federal judge denied pet supplement manufacturer Lintbells’ motion to dismiss a competitor’s allegation that it falsely advertises its YuMOVE joint health supplements for dogs as natural when they contain some synthetic ingredients.

The Fifth Circuit en banc upheld a preliminary injunction against the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees. The preliminary injunction maintains the status quo without requiring employees to make irreversible medical decisions, and allows both parties to proceed to the merits if this case is not rendered moot by the scheduled end of the Covid emergency declaration on May 11.

A Maryland judge found in favor of a county on the First Amendment lawsuit brought by gun shops and a Second Amendment nonprofit over an ordinance requiring gun stores to give customers literature about “suicide prevention and nonviolent conflict resolution.” The pamphlets constitute commercial speech, and their contents are factual and uncontroversial — and the requirement is reasonably related to the county’s interest in reducing violence and suicides — so the county prevails.

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Hot Cases

by Courthouse News editors

The city of Milwaukee sued Hyundai and Kia for not putting anti-theft technology in cars at the center of a vehicular crime wave that is putting a strain on police.

A group of Florida parents filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new state medicine board rule banning gender-affirming health care for minors.

Civil rights groups representing residents of Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” accuse the St. James Parish government of approving all requests for new industrial facilities in predominantly Black districts while rejecting all requests in white districts.

A wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla claims a California couple was killed when their 2015 Model S malfunctioned and crashed into the back of a parked tractor-trailer.

Fox News sued to stop a former booking producer from filing a sexual harassment complaint that the cable network says details conversations protected by attorney-client privilege.

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