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To restore reefs dying in warming seas, UAE turns to coral nurseries

The UAE lost up to 70% of their corals, especially around Abu Dhabi, in 2017 when water temperatures reached 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wild horses have clear impact on environment, but does the good outweigh the bad?

Conservationists say the presence of horses in national forests contributes to the decline of numerous endangered species, but others point to environmental benefits like reducing wildfire risk.

From bird bones to wind instruments, old dig site brings new discoveries

Prehistoric flutes made from bird bones at a village in Israel show a turning point in humanity’s time as hunter-gatherers morphed into something more agricultural.

Here comes El Niño: It’s early, likely to be big, sloppy and add even more heat to a warming world

Such a short gap between El Niños leaves communities with less time to recover from damages to infrastructure, agriculture, and ecosystems like coral reefs.

Study finds land mammals moved farther during pandemic lockdowns

One of the largest comparative studies of its kind found that reduced traffic during Covid-19 lockdowns had immediate and immense impacts on the movement and behavioral patterns of animals.

New research gives insight into African megafauna declines

Humans aren’t the only factor nudging them toward extinction.