Thursday, March 23, 2023 | Back issues
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Sidebar: The legal jungle of exotic pets

In the strange and wild land of Texas, exotic animals normally found in zoos and aquariums are all the rage in homes as pets. What could possibly go wrong?

Sidebar: The enforcers

How do people who are owed millions in default judgments collect from obstinate defendants? We take a look.

Sidebar: Space, the new wild west

Space, so it goes, is the final frontier. And a new legal one. No one owns it (yet), so who gets to make badly needed intergalactic law? And can we start by criminalizing littering our orbit with space junk?

Sidebar: The year in review

In our season finale, we bring you a roundtable chat about the biggest cases Courthouse News reporters covered in 2022 — and what they're eyeing for the new year.

Sidebar: The bounty hunter

In this season's penultimate episode, we bring you a primer on the private right to action, the history of bounty hunting and what to expect from laws modeled off of Texas' Senate Bill 8.

Sidebar: A nightmare on legal street

Just in time for Halloween, the hosts get together to discuss weird and spooky doings inside and outside the courtroom.