Sunday, August 14, 2022 | Back issues
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Sidebar: A quirky look at juries

Juries are living, breathing beasts made up of 8 or 12 or 15 people, each with their own quirks and quibbles, not to mention beefs and biases. What could possibly go wrong?

Sidebar: Pilgrimage to Amache

Old sins have long shadows — especially as long as people are alive to remember the sins. We visit Amache, where thousands of Japanese Americans and other immigrants were imprisoned during World War II. Every May, descendants and survivors return.

Sidebar: Culture wars and the fight over looted artifacts

From Aztec and Mayan artifacts in a museum in Vienna to pieces of art Nazis stole from Jewish families sitting in galleries across the world, we explore the thorny issues of stealing, co-opting, owning and returning cultural heritage pieces.

Sidebar: My body, my choice

Once a battle cry for reproductive freedom for the left, the phrase "my body, my choice" has lately been co-opted by those on the right seeking to dodge Covid-19 mandates — but don't think it applies to parents caring for a transgender child or to people still diligent about wearing face coverings in public. We explore the dichotomies.

Sidebar: Johnny & Amber

It's a showdown Hollywood hasn't seen in years — the defamation slugfest between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Sidebar looks into one of Tinseltown's bitterest feuds heading to trial.

Sidebar: The road to November

It's midterm time! In this episode, we explore how the specter of former President Donald Trump looms large for GOP candidates in 2022, the power of the independent voter in Colorado and the "Great Resignation" — this time, from Congress.