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Madison Square Garden ban

NEW YORK — A New York appeals court ruled Madison Square Garden may prohibit any person from attending Knicks and Rangers games, even if they hold valid tickets, but not from concerts or theatrical performances, which are protected under civil rights laws. The venue has kicked at least four lawyers out simply because they work at firms pursuing litigation against the company.

Prince Harry in court for privacy suit against tabloid

Harry has said he wants to make reforming the British media his life’s work.

Texas university president hit with First Amendment lawsuit for canceling drag show

An LGBTQ student group says it planned to put on an alcohol-free, PG-13 drag show to raise money for suicide prevention but the university president shut it down.

Environmental justice reinforcement unveiled in House

A new bill would expand federal civil rights law to protect communities disproportionately affected by climate change.

Potty humor at whiskey legend’s expense gives high court a chuckle

Arguments over a waggish dog toy had some justices questioning their sense of humor. 

Legoland refund dispute proceeds

SAN DIEGO — A federal court in California allowed Legoland Vacations ticketholders to pursue contract claims against the theme park, which did not refund customers’ money after closing down the park while stay-at-home orders were in effect during the Covid-19 pandemic. Discovery is necessary to determine whether the temporary closure is considered a cancellation under the terms of the tickets’ purchase.