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Farm labor law carveouts

FRESNO, Calif. — Reluctantly issuing summary judgment in a case that's been under submission since 2017 over a California law that's been repealed since 2020, a federal judge found the law violated farm owners' equal protection rights because carveouts that excluded them were included to appease the United Farm Workers union.

North Carolina slapped with First Amendment suit over access delays

Since courts implemented eFile North Carolina, around half of the state’s newly filed complaints have been withheld for a processing phase lasting one to three days or even longer.

San Joaquin Valley Air District accused of cooking pollution books

The plaintiffs claim the San Joaquin Valley Air District has manipulated the value of decades-old credits in permitting new industrial polluters.

For Roberts, Supreme Court barricades left scars

Eighteen years into his leadership of America's top court, Chief Justice John Roberts revealed the one choice that still haunts him. 

Right to a public trial

MANHATTAN — The New York Court of Appeals reversed an appellate court’s determination that a criminal defendant was denied his Sixth Amendment right to a public trial when, midway through trial, the courtroom was closed in response to photos taken and posted to social media with the caption “Free Dick Wolf,” a reference to defendant’s street name, as well as spectators intimidatingly staring at people. The decision to close the courtroom did not meet the criteria the Supreme Court set in Waller v. Georgia.

Lawyer suspended for conversion

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Supreme Court suspended attorney Richmond Odom’s license to practice law for three years to run concurrently with discipline handed out by the Louisiana Supreme Court, which suspended him for three years there and ordered him to pay $27,000 in restitution and all costs. He committed 160 separate acts of conversion of funds from a trust account, totaling $260,000.