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Amanda Pampuro

Amanda Pampuro

Amanda Pampuro is the Denver reporter for Courthouse News, covering the Mile High City, purple politics, breaking science and the 10th Circuit. Follow her stories on Twitter @Bright_Lamp.

Latest Articles by Amanda Pampuro

9 years after outlawing greyhound racing, Colorado bans simulcast betting on remote events

The United States has two active legal greyhound racetracks, largely funded by gamblers in other states.

Sidewalk counselor says Colorado’s ban on approaching people outside abortion clinics violates her free speech

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, a pro-life woman is asking a federal judge to overturn a Colorado law prohibiting her from counseling women outside abortion clinics.

Comedic history found in sobering tale of medieval scribe’s private library

Centuries before "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" hit theaters, a medieval priest transcribed three brutal tales from a traveling minstrel with one recounting how a deadly run-in with a killer bunny ended with villagers bringing out their dead.