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Amanda Pampuro

Amanda Pampuro

Amanda Pampuro is the Denver reporter for Courthouse News, covering the Mile High City, purple politics, breaking science and the 10th Circuit. Follow her stories on Twitter @Bright_Lamp.

Latest Articles by Amanda Pampuro

Colorado’s near-decade-old magazine limit faces challenge after Supreme Court ruling

Former Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper pushed to pass the magazine limitation in the wake of the Aurora Theater Shooting in 2012 where 12 were murdered and dozens injured.

DCP Midstream fined $3.25 million for Clean Air Act violations across Colorado Front Range

Emission leaks from oil and gas production facilities contributes to hazardous ground-level ozone across Colorado's Front Range.

Judge pauses Colorado town’s assault rifle ban, passed in the wake of mass shooting

The town of Superior banned assault rifles in 2021 after a man killed 10 people at a nearby grocery store armed with a Ruger AR-556.