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Gabriel Tynes

Gabriel Tynes

I am an award winning journalist who has covered South Alabama and the Florida panhandle since 2006. Currently based in Mobile, Alabama, my primary interests include the environment, technology, law and judicial administration.

Latest Articles by Gabriel Tynes

Panel recommends renaming hundreds of military assets tied to Confederacy

A federally authorized commission submitted a final report to Congress this week suggesting the Department of Defense rename or rebrand hundreds of assets commemorating the Confederacy.

Panel hears Arkansas city’s demand for 5% of revenue from streaming services

The Eighth Circuit heard oral arguments in a case brought by the city of Ashdown, Arkansas, which interprets a state law to treat video streaming services like cable providers.

Bread prices hit all-time high in EU as war disrupts food supply  

While energy prices are mostly to blame for Europe’s 10% inflation rate, citizens of some countries are paying 100% more for sugar and nearly 50% more for milk, cheese and eggs compared to a year ago.