Thursday, June 8, 2023 | Back issues
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Cost-benefit analysis

Standing up for your rights may seem like a good thing, but perhaps one should consider costs first. Arguments can get out of hand.

Making America Soviet

So now the book banners have come for Amanda Gorman. Well, poets are dangerous, aren’t they? Especially if they’re young, gifted and Black.

Catching up on the news

The Writers Guild strike has deprived us of our most important source of news. Fortunately, I'm here to fill in.

The lion in the corner

I do not trust any politician who flouts his or her presumed religious faith: hypocrites braying on street corners — not the way their presumed man-god instructed them: in the closet.

Workable solutions

The debt ceiling and Supreme Court ethics are not insoluble problems, I can solve them.

Willful ignorance

A fatuous front-page article on immigration in a recent edition of The New York Times shows the extent to which willful ignorance and kneejerk-ism have neutered our national mind.