Trump & Barr v. Kahn

“There will come cruel gods with eyeglasses,

Lice and lickspittles …”

       — Pablo Neruda

Well, at least we still have three attorneys in the Department of Justice who’ve managed to retain a shred of honor — despite their lying, boot-licking sycophant of a boss, Attorney General Bill Barr.

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Blame Xi Jinping

China and Xi Jinping are responsible for the coronavirus epidemic that’s killed at least 630 Chinese citizens so far and made more than 30,000 sick. Here’s why: If Xi and China can spy on practitioners of Islam, Christianity and Falun Gong, and throw their adherents in prison, why can’t they do this with practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, who use body parts of bats and civets — from which the new coronavirus and Ebola appear to have originated?

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Cheating and Betting

As a fan of professional wrestling and horse racing, I enjoy both cheating and betting. The two don’t normally go together — I’d advise against wagering on Wrestlemania, and horses need to be left alone — but if a sport routinely combines both, is there a problem?

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Lawyers v. Raccoons, Part II

The lawyer versus raccoon controversies continue. You may recall a few weeks ago a lawyer in Florida got sent to a professionalism workshop for knocking a raccoon into the ocean. Now a lawyer in Pennsylvania has filed a federal suit claiming he’s been harassed by law enforcement after he shot a raccoon.

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How to Promote Civility

Is civility really the answer? And if it is, how do you get all those terrible people out there to be civil? I bring this up because the president of the American Bar Association, Judy Perry Martinez, last week published a letter titled, “Make 2020 the year of civility.”

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Is This a Joke?

You may not have realized this, dear readers, but I’m a skeptic. My career in journalism has taught me time and again not to believe most people’s descriptions of events. I also almost never buy into conspiracy theories — most conspirators are way too inept to conspire. But I think I’ve come across a conspiracy to believe in — a right-wing joke.

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