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Civil Rights

Native family breakup

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The New Mexico Court of Appeals found that a lower court incorrectly terminated a father’s parental rights; he, a Native American, was absent due to long-distance work at the time the child’s mother was allegedly neglecting their child. The state family department did not adequately show it made “active efforts” to reunite the family as required by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Shipyard trafficking

NEW ORLEANS — A Louisiana federal judge allowed Filipino shipyard workers’ trafficking and Fair Housing Act claims to proceed against their employer, which allegedly did not permit them to evacuate a storm-prone town for Hurricane Ida in 2021 and instead forced them to remain in a leaky bunkhouse with no power for weeks.

Student who sued military over HIV policy settles case

Federal courts have ruled that HIV is not disqualifying for those already serving, but HIV is among the health conditions that disqualify a person from enlisting in the first place, the Boston-based Lawyers for Civil Rights said.

Trump may get government stand-in for suit on rape allegations

One judge on the panel dissented, maintaining that such relief is meant for “low-level, rank-and-file government employees,” not the president of the United States.

Teen interest in long-lasting birth control soars after Roe

“Please, I need some birth control in case I get raped," patients tell Dr. Judith Simms-Cendan, a pediatric-adolescent gynecologist in Miami, where state law does not provide exceptions for rape or incest after 15 weeks.

Iranian lawmaker slams protesters; cleric appeals for calm

The fate of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian Kurdish woman who died in custody after being detained by the morality police — because her headscarf was allegedly too loose — has ignited unrest across Iran.