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Wall Street gains accelerate as inflation begins to drop

Inflation data finally flipped, and investors also are looking to flip the script on the losses in equities from earlier in the year, with Wall Street picking up steam this week.

Ukrainian military gets $1.5 billion aid boost from Western countries

Twenty-six countries decided to donate $1.5 billion to Ukrainian military initiatives in a first step to sustain aid for what many predict will be a long-term conflict with Russia.

Cryptocurrency commission

MIAMI — A class claims in federal court that the Dallas Mavericks and the team’s billionaire owner Mark Cuban lied about the cryptocurrency brokerage Voyager being commission-free in order to get an unfair advantage over competitors.

High court denies Coinbase effort to pause user suits

The justices will allow litigation and discovery to move forward in suits from former users against one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

US issues sanctions on a 2nd virtual currency mixing firm

Mixing services combine various digital assets, including potentially illegally obtained funds and legitimately obtained funds, so that illegal actors can obscure the origin of stolen funds.

Booming jobs data doesn’t lift Wall Street, which remains worried about Fed

Equity markets mostly stayed put this week despite a blockbuster jobs report. The reason, many experts believe, is that Wall Street still fears a hawkish Federal Reserve.