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Endangered Hawaiian species gain protections

Several plants and one insect endemic to Hawaii's Big Island finally have critical habitats thanks to a push from conservationists.

Trump can’t dodge claim in civil rape case nearing trial

Defamation allegations over a Truth Social post can proceeding to court, a federal judge ruled.

California bid to block local sugary beverage taxes loses fizz on appeal

The appeals court rejected arguments by the state and Big Soda that no cities had yet been harmed, finding no cities would ever dare to risk the exorbitant penalties for slapping sugary drinks with taxes.

Newsom signs law to stop Big Oil price gouging at pump

The bill comes after Governor Gavin Newsom's desire for a windfall tax on Big Oil failed to gain traction in the Legislature.

End near for federal oversight of Seattle Police Department

Despite "remarkable progress” since the feds began monitoring the Seattle Police Department in 2012, a federal judge will continue to watch how the department handles crowd control given its propensity toward force during the George Floyd protests in 2020.

US, Japan reach deal on vital minerals for EV batteries

The U.S. government wants to ensure a stable, secure supply of lithium and other materials needed for EV batteries, heat pumps and large-capacity batteries for the electric grid.