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Anti-monumentalism in Mexico: making visible what the state would rather hide

Feminist activists placed their own memorial on the plinth where a statue of Christopher Columbus stood for more than a century. Now the government wants to move the anti-monument.

Russia expert: West needs to self-reflect on its own responsibility in Ukraine war

Marlene Laruelle, the director of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at George Washington University, says the West needs to look at itself in the mirror and see it also helped create conditions for war to break out in Ukraine.

Sheriff’s deputy defends taking photos of Kobe Bryant crash site

LA County Sheriff's Deputy Douglas Johnson said he had no regrets over taking some of the photographs that led to the scandal and lawsuit.


DENVER — Conservation groups and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management have finalized a legal agreement that will prevent new oil and gas leasing across 2.2 million acres of southwestern Colorado until the agency analyzes potential climate harm from fossil fuel extraction in the area, and evaluates at least one alternative that reduces oil and gas leasing. This process is expected to take two years.

Illegal taxation

SAN FRANCISCO — The California Supreme Court affirmed that Oakland’s $1.5 million garbage contracts privatizing trash collection for apartment and business owners, which caused collection rates to soar more than 150 percent, require voter approval. The fees Oakland collects from the private haulers, which are indirectly paid by residents’ garbage bills, amount to a tax that must be approved by voters.

Agency subpoena

CHICAGO — The Seventh Circuit upheld the Department of Labor's authority to investigate cybersecurity incidents, and ordered a heath care administrator to comply with the agency's subpoenas in an investigation into alleged data breaches that caused the loss of ERISA clients' information.