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Yolk proteins in oil paints make art egg-cellent

Artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt may have used oil paint mixed with egg yolk for more refined artistic expression, with a bonus effect of preserving artwork for modern admiration.

What made Beethoven sick? DNA from his hair offers clues

This Sunday marks the 196th anniversary of Beethoven's death at the age of 56. The composer himself wrote that he wanted doctors to study his health problems after he died.

School library book bans are seen as targeting LGBTQ content

School boards and legislatures nationwide are facing questions about books and considering making it easier to limit access.

Hawaii and Japan reestablish connection with weekend cultural festival

Honolulu Festival reopened this year with an eye toward strengthening tourism between Hawaii and Japan after the pandemic decimated travel opportunities between them.

Second Circuit says Turkey isn’t owed ancient artifact

MANHATTAN — The Second Circuit affirmed a district court’s determination that the Republic of Turkey has not proven ownership of a 6,000-year-old marble idol dubbed “the Stargazer.” Because Turkey has prejudiced the auction house Christie’s and its private owner by “unreasonably” delaying its decision to bring this action, the appellate court affirms on the doctrine of laches.

Judge orders Sotheby’s to face Russian billionaire’s art fraud claims

The Obama-appointed judge advised both the famed auction house and billionaire oligarch to settle their remaining claims outside of court to avoid a costly and “potentially embarrassing trial.”