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Judge approves $725 million deal in Meta data privacy class action

The settlement marks the largest amount Facebook's parent company has ever paid to resolve a private class action.

Judge orders discovery sanctions against Google in antitrust cases

The technology giant failed to save employee chats deemed important to ongoing multidistrict antitrust litigation.

Testy exchanges in first day of Tesla race discrimination damages trial

Plaintiff Owen Diaz had rejected a $15 million payout from Tesla arguing it wasn't punitive enough.

US, Japan reach deal on vital minerals for EV batteries

The U.S. government wants to ensure a stable, secure supply of lithium and other materials needed for EV batteries, heat pumps and large-capacity batteries for the electric grid.

Lawmakers back Paris Olympic law despite surveillance fears

Digital rights watchdog groups argue that France will violate international human rights law by becoming the first EU nation to legalize AI-powered surveillance, even if just temporarily.

Saudi Arabia critic

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Twitter brought by a critic of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for failure to prosecute.