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Personal Injury

Is slapping a mentally ill groper abuse?

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A federal judge in West Virginia dismissed the lawsuit brought by a former certified nursing assistant who violated her hospital’s policy against abusing residents when she smacked the hands of a patient, who has very limited mental capacity and inhibitions, who groped her breasts and vaginal area while she was caring for him. The slap was not a “protected activity in opposition to an unlawful workplace practice.”

Can’t run the clock on immunity claims

NEW ORLEANS — The Fifth Circuit ruled that a Texas federal court erred when it deferred its ruling, by scheduling order, on law enforcement officers’ qualified immunity defense in a wrongful death suit brought by the mother of an inmate who died of a heart attack. Where public officials assert qualified immunity in a motion to dismiss, it must be ruled on prior to discovery.

Dutch court finds 2007 bombing of Afghan village unlawful 

Four Afghan survivors of a late-night attack that left 18 dead have sued the Dutch government for compensation. 

Calling cops ‘murderers’

SEATTLE — Councilwoman Kshama Sawant prevailed on the defamation claims brought to a Washington federal court by two Seattle police officers, who she publicly called murderers for shooting a Black citizen to death. The court dismissed the case because Sawant’s words did not deprive the officers of a right.

Gender surgeon defamed

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania federal court granted default judgment in favor of a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in gender confirmation surgeries after she was defamed by an anonymous blogger who had been declined treatment because the patient “was not psychologically prepared for surgery.” The blog posted the doctor’s home address and shared photos of the property.


SAN DIEGO — An unfortunate individual claims the Hankey's Toys "Boss Hogg" dildo he was using broke on removal and a piece became lodged in his anus.