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BlockFi files for bankruptcy, latest crypto company to fail

One creditor among BlockFi's debts is the Securities and Exchange Commission. Back in February, BlockFi settled with the SEC over its crypto lending products, agreeing to pay $100 million in fines and penalties.

FTX customers sue bankrupt crypto company, allege racketeering

The burnt customers say FTX founders used their money as a "slush fund" for their own investments until the crypto empire collapsed.

$740M in crypto assets recovered in FTX bankruptcy so far

Several crypto companies have failed this year as bitcoin and other digital currencies have collapsed in value.

Fannie Mae claims dismissed

HOUSTON — A federal judge in Texas dismissed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders’ remaining claim, that the provisions that restricted former President Donald Trump from appointing a new Federal Housing Finance Agency administrator during his administration’s first two years, caused them to suffer a loss of return on their investments. The harm pleaded is speculative, not concrete.

FTX lawyer: ‘Substantial amount’ of assets has been stolen

FTX, short billions of dollars, sought bankruptcy protection after the exchange experienced the crypto equivalent of a bank run.

Musk testifies in lawsuit over Tesla compensation package

Musk also downplayed the notion that his friendships with certain Tesla board members, including sometimes vacationing together, mean that they were likely to do his bidding.