A Mississippi high school did not trample the First Amendment in suspending a teen who threatened two teachers in his rap music, the en banc Fifth Circuit ruled. 

     Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pleaded not guilty to felony securities fraud charges during his first court appearance Thursday morning.

     A federal judge said Thursday that lawyers could not prove the FBI unfairly targeted former Chinatown gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow in a racketeering probe.

     Thousands of high school students who couldn't take state exit exams because of a contract dispute will still receive diplomas after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill nixing the exam requirement on Wednesday.

     The Ninth Circuit on Wednesday burned through "numerous creative arguments" Iran's central bank gave to avert liability for suicide bombings in Israel. 

     Two former North Carolina correctional officers were indicted on charges of smuggling contraband into a prison after an investigation stemming from the kidnapping of a prosecutor's father.  

     Teachers sued the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System in a federal class action, claiming it improperly increased their pension contributions from 9% to 13% of their paychecks. 

     A federal judge Wednesday dismissed two programmers from a copyright lawsuit, but not Chinese company Dodur, which Goes International, of Sweden, claims is selling a game "virtually identical" to its "Bubble Bust." 

     Harrison Schumacher, of Woodland Hills, Calif., led a $12.3 million securities scam, the SEC says; click headline to see the defendants in Federal Court. 

     United Parcel Service stiffs package handlers for overtime, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     "Influential white persons" in Mississippi got a judge removed from office and barred from re-election after he cleared a black defendant in a misdemeanor case, the former judge claims in court. 

     Despite record-breaking July heat, California's impressive effort to cut urban water use continued as the state exceeded mandatory conservation goals for the third consecutive month, regulators said Thursday.

     Groupon responded atrociously when confronted about the fraudulent deal for Subway sandwiches it authorized, a Florida franchisee claims in court. 

     A federal judge ordered the CIA to release more records on its involvement in the killing of Pablo Escobar, and a Colombian death squad. 

     As he sentenced James Holmes to another 3,318 years in prison Wednesday for the attempted murders of 70 people, Judge Carlos Samour Jr. addressed the victims' families, the lone juror who spared Holmes from death, and the killer himself.

     A veteran has no claims against Washington, D.C., police for searching his home, taking a grenade and several guns, leaving the door open, and letting his fish die, a federal judge ruled. 

     A Texas dog breeder fraudulently obtained trademarks for Rin Tin Tin, a federal judge ruled, and canceled nine of them. 

     Executions in Nebraska may not be over after all, as opponents have collected enough signatures to put capital punishment on the November 2016 ballot.

     The former CEO of a tech company was arrested Wednesday, charged with pocketing $657,000 from selling Louis XV antiques that was supposed to go to the SEC to settle a $3.3 million judgment. 

     Guam illegally withheld income-tax refunds to balance its budget and should not have employed an unfair and random "expedited refund" process to clear the backlog, the Ninth Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     Two men wrongfully imprisoned for decades can advance lawsuits over the withholding of evidence that could have exonerated them, the Ninth Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     A Silicon Valley tech worker facing criminal charges of stealing trade secrets was released on bail Tuesday, five days after he was arrested trying to leave for China. 

     While it doesn't provide abortion services in Louisiana and Medicaid generally doesn't pay for abortions there, Planned Parenthood faces a cut to its Medicaid funding in the state after the release of "heavily edited and misleading" videos, the health provider says. 

     The Los Angeles City Council passed a motion Wednesday to create an ad hoc committee to oversee the city's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

     Environmental groups vowed to fight after a judge on Tuesday approved what they call New Jersey's "sellout" deal with ExxonMobil over pollution-cleanup efforts.

     TVEyes must scale back some of their media-monitoring services in order to steer clear of Fox News copyrights, a federal judge ruled. 

     Bank of America will pay $36 million to settle a class action involving real estate appraisers who claim they were misclassified as exempt from overtime, class attorneys said Wednesday. 

     A Wyoming school district must face civil claims after a bench propped against a gymnasium wall killed a 5-year-old boy, the state Supreme Court ruled. 

     Election officials must nix the initiative to set a $15 minimum wage in D.C., a local Chamber of Commerce head claims in court, calling the ballot summary misleading. 

     The rapper Pitbull strung a distributor along on a speaker-system deal he sank because of a conflict with Sony, the partner claims in court. 

     After "The Merry Gentleman" bombed commercially, director Michael Keaton is not responsible to the film's producers, the Seventh Circuit ruled. 

     A former Ohio deputy treasurer who tried to sneak into Pakistan after pleading guilty to bribery and money laundering charges has been extradited back to the United States, the Justice Department announced Wednesday night.

     Texas is cracking down on synthetic marijuana dealers, suing a Houston man they claim sells it through a hole in the back of his store, the third alleged dealer they've sued this summer. 

     The NYPD's largest undercover weapons buy earned a Georgia man 18 years in prison Thursday for funneling guns up I-95, also known as the "Iron Pipeline."

     Highly toxic alcohols, cruise ships, nuclear reactor parts and other toxic compounds are among the 400 items U.S. trade representative Michael Froman wants the government to waive tariffs on.

     The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that lower courts overreached in two cases of children who should have been granted special immigration status as they sought asylum. 

     Singapore- and San Jose-based Avago Technologies must face claims that it filed sham litigation to try to monopolize parts of the transceivers market, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.