Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson sued his City Attorney's Office to try to stop the release of emails to a weekly newspaper. A hearing is set for Thursday afternoon in Superior Court. 

     The man accused of murdering 12 people at a Batman movie and wounding 70 is not faking his mental illness, a doctor testified in his defense Wednesday.

     California cut its water use by 29 percent in May compared to two years ago - the state's biggest savings since the tracking began.

     The Second Circuit pulled the plug Thursday on a class action accusing Fox Searchlight of improperly classifying employees as unpaid interns. 

     The Department of Justice Antitrust Division sued Electrolux to block its acquisition of General Electric's appliance business, saying the $3.3 billion deal will restrain competition in ovens. 

     Five people who participated in a payday loan scheme that bilked consumers of $25 million await their punishment from a federal judge. 

     With a French quip, a federal judge gave the National Security Agency carte blanche to temporarily resume data collection that several courts have found illegal. 

     A former ranking official in the U.S. General Services Administration was sentenced Wednesday to 3 months in prison for false claims against the government, including one for a casino and spa resort in Las Vegas.

     Malcolm Segal, a securities broker of Langhorne, Pa., and Boynton Beach, Fla., defrauded investors of $15.5 million, "$8.1 million of which involved entirely nonexistent CDs," the SEC claims in Federal Court.  

     Following up on a settlement to reform Rikers Island prisons, U.S. attorneys submitted a 63-page agreement for court approval Wednesday. 

     Procter & Gamble uses false bottoms and sidewalls in its "health and beauty products" to deceive consumers about their contents, California claims in Yolo County Court.

     Keyview Labs, Brain Research Labs and cohorts sell a "Procera" diet supplement with false claims about its brain powers, the FTC claims in Federal Court. 

     Donald Trump must disclose how much money he made from Trump University, in the discovery phase of a RICO class action accusing him of defrauding students of millions of dollars, a federal judge ruled. 

     BP will pay a record $18.7 billion, including $5.5 billion in Clean Water Act fines to settle claims by the United States and five states over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

     A criminal securities fraud investigation of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton found evidence of wrongdoing that may lead to first-degree felony charges, a special prosecutor said Wednesday.

     A teacher's shady history did not stop an elementary school from putting him in a position that earned him sexually violent predator status, parents claim in Federal Court. 

     A Las Vegas school district fired a police officer for telling the FBI about a police party where a teenager got drunk and then killed a woman by driving drunk, the officer claims in court. 

     The Immigration Service cannot duck a lawsuit from a longtime legal resident who has documents the agency claims it never issued, a federal judge ruled. 

     New York City police officers shot and killed a good Samaritan coming to the aid of his neighbor, then falsified their reports to try to cover up their grave mistake, the victim's son claims. 

     A Little League volunteer claims in a lawsuit that his reputation was destroyed after the company that did his background check erroneously identified him as a sex offender. 

     A Miami Marlins fan claims in a lawsuit that she was roughed up and bitten by the team's mascot during a game. 

     The Army Corps of Engineers' dredging of 11 navigation channels in San Francisco Bay will erode the shore and put endangered fish at risk, an environmental group claims in court. 

     Oklahoma sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday, claiming it exceeded its powers by proposing new rules to reduce pollution at coal-fired power plants.

     A landowners group sued the Bureau of Indian Affairs, claiming it's trying to deny them access to their property on roads that cross tribal land, a right they claim has existed for 160 years. 

     A Colombian cocaine trafficker lacks standing to argue that lockup past his 100th birthday breaks Washington's vow not to pursue a life sentence, the Second Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     The record-setting cyberattack on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management evinces a failure to take yearly audits to heart, government employees claim in Federal Court. 

     Japan's largest shipping line engaged in a 15-year conspiracy to quash competition and fix prices for car-shipping services, General Motors claims in Federal Court. 

     A man and his company who ignored court orders must pay $260,000 in default judgments for a $2.6 million securities scheme, a federal judge ruled. 

     A right-wing radio talk show host on Wednesday submitted paperwork for a referendum he hopes will overturn the California law requiring children to be vaccinated to attend public school.

     The first-ever study of U.S. antipsychotic prescription patterns shows that boys are more likely than girls to receive such medications.

     The Fifth Circuit ordered a new trial for the former BP engineer convicted of deleting incriminating text messages after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

     The Nevada Supreme Court has overturned the sentence of a Las Vegas developer who allegedly initiated a "sham" divorce to avoid repaying creditors $500 million. 

     The company that built the apartment balcony that collapsed in Berkeley two weeks ago, killing six people, sued Alameda County to try to preserve evidence. 

     Customers who sued Safeway for failing to notify them of food recalls lack standing because they didn't buy any of the recalled food, a federal judge ruled. 

     Southern California Edison, Berkshire Hathaway and others fail to warn that their wooden utility poles are treated with carcinogenic pentachlorophenol, environmentalists claim.


     Among tens of millions of dollars diverted from One Financial for the late CEO's personal use was a $2.1 million from a Troubled Asset Relief Program investment, the U.S. Treasury Department claims in federal court. 

     Consumers must amend claims that Alcon, Sandoz and other makers of eyedrops waste medication with dispensers that deliver unnecessarily big drops, a federal judge ruled. 

     The EU General Court annulled a state-aid designation Thursday that regulators applied to the shareholder loan France offered Orange when the telecom was going through a crisis in 2002.

     NRG Energy has called thousands of people on the Do Not Call List to push its solar power, falsely claiming association with the government and nonprofits, a class action claims in Federal Court. 

     It is premature to decide whether the U.S. government has properly withheld benefits data related to Affordable Care Act health plans, a federal judge ruled. 

     Political opponents of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker orchestrated a campaign of harassment, intimidation and humiliation against one of his top aides, she claims in court. 

     The EPA wants to end all indoor aerosol, spray and liquid formulas of the insecticide propoxur, often used in pet collars, after a human health assessment found risks to children.

     Federal law preempts a Maui ordinance prohibiting cultivation of genetically engineered crops, so the Hawaiian law is unenforceable, a federal judge ruled. 

     It was wrong to retroactively revoke a convicted perjurer's probation and imprison for supposed violations, the Ninth Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     A federal judge approved the settlement of a class action involving Social Security benefit reductions. 

     A Girl Scouts chapter in Washington has raised more than a quarter million dollars after returning a $100,000 donation that was conditioned on not allowing transgender scouts.

     Emboldened by the Texas attorney general, a North Texas county clerk cited her religion in refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses for several days, before doing an about-face Tuesday night.

     Lifewatch preys on vulnerable elderly people with misleading tactics while trying to sell its medical alert systems, according to a lawsuit.

     The Internal Revenue Service properly revoked a scholarship fund's tax-exempt status since it served only to fund one man's grandchildren, a federal judge ruled. 

     Charlotte Bobcats head coach James Sam Vincent failed to make payments under a settlement with his managers, CAA Sports claims in court. 

     Apple misrepresents the storage capacity needed for its iOS 8 operating system, a class action claims in Superior Court.