California's water regulator can continue pursuing enforcement penalties against several water districts for illegally diverting water and violating drought orders, a state court judge ruled Monday. 

     Monsanto's brew of a now-banned chemical poisoned the Spokane River and will cost Spokane more than $100 million to clean up, the city claims in Federal Court. 

     A federal judge is weighing whether federal copyright law trumps a California law that allows artists to collect royalties when auction houses sell their work out of state.

     A 16-year-old boy prostituted his 15-year-old girlfriend to more than 15 men before police rescued her by kicking in a motel room door, San Luis Obispo police said.

     Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was booked at a Dallas-area jail Monday as an indictment was unsealed accusing him of felony securities charges that could send him to prison for life.

     "Batman" move mass murderer James Holmes is eligible for the death penalty, his jury found Monday afternoon.

     Battelle Energy Alliance cannot duck a claim that it knowingly exposed workers to radiation at an Idaho nuclear facility, a federal judge ruled in refusing to dismiss the case. 

     On retrial Monday, a federal jury re-convicted an Arizona man of running a $24 million mortgage scheme that flipped 110 homes by defrauding lending banks.

     Moving to cut off access to confidential information, New York regulators slammed a Wall Street consultant Monday for soft-pedaling findings about a bank's violation of Iran sanctions. 

     "Rage, vindictiveness and partisan malice" led the governor of Maine to interfere with a political opponent's job offer, the man claims in Federal Court. 

     Rather than pass the skyrocketing price of black pepper on to consumers spice giant McCormick shipped millions of containers under-filled by 25 percent, disgruntled consumers claim in Federal Court. 

     Target sells Doskocil-made plastic dog poop bags as biodegradable, but they aren't, California claims in Alameda County Court.  

     Corrections Corporation of America stiffs workers for overtime, a class action claims in Federal Court. 

     The controversial former chief lobbyist for the California courts has resurfaced in a new role as pitchman, sending out a mass email to every judge in California promoting a "remote appearance platform" that allows long-distance court testimony.

     A U.S. Senate committee heard testimony Tuesday from the convict behind the hit series "Orange Is the New Black" in a hearing called to improve the federal prison system. 

     Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday asked for a $30 million damages award against domain giant GoDaddy as arguments began in the first day of a high-stakes cybersquatting trial.

     Illinois cut Medicaid reimbursements for two skilled-nursing facilities by 12.6 percent rather than the 2.25 percent state lawmakers cut from the Medicaid fund, the facilities claim in court. 

     Entities that lent General Motors $1.5 billion before it went bankrupt told a federal judge that attorney malpractice put their claims in jeopardy. 

     Attorneys for Dylann Storm Roof, the alleged murderer of nine in a Charleston, S.C., church in June, went on the offensive Monday filing a series of motions pressing the federal government to lay out its case against their client. 

     Texas police threatened to arrest a man for calling them in fear of his knife-wielding neighbor, and he shot at the neighbor and killed three innocent bystanders, then hanged himself in jail, his family claims in court. 

     Donald Trump need not turn over emails or records of his contribution to Trump University for a RICO class action accusing him of defrauding students of millions of dollars, a federal judge ruled. 

     A media production company claims in a lawsuit that it is entitled to federal government records about a presidential study on political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. 

     The state of Georgia sued American technologist and public domain advocate, Carl Malamud, for making the entire body of Georgia state law available on his website 

     Idaho's "ag-gag" law, which criminalizes undercover investigations of agricultural operations, restricts free speech and violates the Constitution's equal protection clause, a federal judge ruled Monday. 

     A federal judge dismissed most, but not all, of the National Security Agency's requests to dismiss a reporter's FOIA request on federal surveillance of judges. 

     St. Louis, which is trying to keep its NFL team from moving, does not need voter approval to provide funding for a new football stadium, a city judge ruled Monday. 

     A black worker sued Las Vegas' Clark County School District, claiming a manager told him she preferred Mexicans, "because I can work them 'til they drop," and, "Why get U.S. citizens when you can get Hispanics cheap?" 

     With a renowned chef having backed out of plans to helm a restaurant in his new D.C. hotel, Donald Trump has filed a federal breach of contract action. 

     Sandra Bland's mother Tuesday sued the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Waller County Sheriff for the wrongful death of her daughter, who allegedly hung herself in a jail cell three days after she was stopped for a traffic violation. 

     Attorneys for Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow say the FBI unfairly targeted the former Chinatown gangster for racketeering but allowed San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to get away with taking bribes from undercover agents.

     Assessing claims that predate the multibillion environmental case, the D.C. Circuit on Tuesday upheld a $106 million judgment Chevron won against Ecuador. 

     Houston's mayor violated the civil rights of five pastors by sending them subpoenas asking for their sermons, four pastors claim in court. 

     Calling it "the single most important step that America has ever made" in tackling climate change, President Barack Obama unveiled the revised Clean Power Plan on Monday to mixed reactions from the energy industry and environmentalists.

     The European Union on Tuesday added protections to its bailout mechanism to shield nations that don't use the euro from risk if eurozone nations - like Greece - default on their loans. 

     The San Diego County School District may have violated the rights of a disabled student by not specifying which trained staff member would help with his feeding tube, the Ninth Circuit ruled Friday. 

     A Northern California county has limited people to one copy of birth, death and marriage certificates, saying the companies that make the special paper and use the special printing process for the documents have closed.

     Upholding regulations that streamline unionization procedures, a federal judge chided opponents for misconstruing facts and using disparaging labels. 

     Since evidence distanced an elderly mother from online threats, police face liability for sending in a SWAT team anyway, the Seventh Circuit ruled. 

     A small northern California court blames its fired IT director for a crashed computer and phone system, according to officials.

     Rick Ross took a $55,000 advance for a Jan. 30 concert in Scottsdale but never showed up and breached other contract terms, Conexts claims in Maricopa County Court 

     Directors are selling Vivint Solar too cheaply through an unfair process to SunEdison, in a cash and stock deal valued at $2.2 billion, shareholders claim in Chancery Court.  

     The Second Circuit revived a teacher's lawsuit accusing her ex-boyfriend of commandeering her Facebook account to post obscene messages, in a ruling expanding the legal rights of hacking victims. 

     A federal judge Monday kept in place an injunction against an anti-abortion group that released secretly filmed videos of Planned Parenthood and wants to release videos of another group.

     Authorities investigating the Monday shooting in the courtyard of a Mississippi county courthouse that left a criminal defendant dead said revenge was the likely motive behind the incident.

      Environmentalists fighting a program meant to thin the populations of ravens, coyotes and other predatory Nevada animals scored relief in the Ninth Circuit. 

     A rushed logging project clearing 5,000 acres in a burned Northern California forest could hurt the threatened black-backed woodpecker, a "keystone species," environmentalists claim in court. 

     The National Hockey League must provide a wealth of information to former players who developed long-term neurological conditions, a federal judge ruled. 

     A federal judge gave preliminary approval to a class action settlement over claims Contra Costa County put juvenile hall residents in solitary confinement "for anything" - even minor infractions. 

     Fox Sports illegally fired broadcaster Craig James because of statements he made about gay people due to his religious beliefs during his failed 2012 run for U.S. Senate, he claims in court.

     The father of Houston Texans' Jadeveon Clowney, the number one pick in the 2014 NFL draft, has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly firing shots outside a Rock Hill, South Carolina strip club.

     - The Alaska Supreme Court revived a pro se lawsuit by prisoners unhappy with limits on their gaming options, especially with regard to mature-rated video games. 

     A "sweepstakes" software company pleaded guilty to felony gambling changes and will pay $2.3 million for it, $700,000 to California.