In a yet-to-be aired television interview, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper claimed he could grant full clemency to the man convicted of killing four people in a Chuck E. Cheese should he lose the next gubernatorial election.

     House Republicans will pay BakerHostetler up to $350,000 in public money, plus expenses, to sue President Obama, according to a contract approved Monday. 

     The theater where accused mass murderer James Holmes is accused of killing a dozen people during a Batman movie must face premises liability claims for the shooting, a federal judge ruled. 

     Former porn star Jay Grdina defrauded a business partner of his shares in a company that sells a hangover drink, the partner claims in court. 

     The University of California is breaking federal law by allowing undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition and apply for state-funded financial aid programs under California's Dream Act, a taxpayer claims in court.

     The Colorado Farm Bureau and others will appeal to the 10th Circuit a federal judge's June ruling that found Colorado's new gun regulations constitutional. 

     D.F. claims Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky forcibly sodomized him in 2008, when he was 12, in a complaint against Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile, in the Court of Common Pleas. 

     A woman was severely injured when a boat driver lost control in the Thunder on the Loup race and smashed into a crowd of spectators, she claims in Hall County Court. 

     Youth soccer players and their parents claim in a federal class action that the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and U.S. soccer leagues fail to protect young players from head injuries by encouraging them to return to the field after they suffer concussions. 

     Samsung's smartphones and tablets will remain on store shelves despite a jury finding of infringement of Apple patents, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. 

     Californians who already own guns don't need to wait out the state's 10-day waiting period to buy more firearms, a federal judge ruled, calling extra background checks unconstitutional. 

     Oracle America fraudulently induced Oregon and its health insurance exchange to purchase more than $240,000,000 worth of products and services that ultimately doomed the exchanged to failure, the state's attorney general claims. 

     FedEx misclassified more than 3,000 delivery drivers in California and Oregon as independent contractors rather than employees, the 9th Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     Glendale Adventist Medical Center reached a $700,000 settlement Wednesday with Los Angeles over claims that it dumped mentally ill homeless patients on Skid Row.

     Often drugged and disoriented, patients at a Las Vegas psychiatric hospital found themselves involuntarily discharged, bused to a new city and left with no means to continue treatment or even live, according to a class action lawsuit. 

     Judges should not accept even small gifts of little value if they appear to be from future parties or from those seeking to influence a judge's ruling, the California Supreme Court's ethics committee said Tuesday in an advisory opinion. 

     The operator of a national chain of acute care hospitals says labor organizers conspired to unionize its facilities, even going so far as threatening to destroy the lives of executives who stood in their way. 

     A Texan admitted he drove his $1 million Bugatti Veyron supercar into the Gulf of Mexico to collect $2.2 million in insurance money, federal prosecutors said.

     Oklahoma prison officials illegally censored access to the botched execution of Clayton Lockett when they drew the blinds to the execution chamber before his death, The Oklahoma Observer claims in court. 

     A former filmmaker for Maker Studios claims in court that the network broke a promise to pay him part of his $90,000 salary in shares.

     A Texas judge is unconstitutionally banning a criminal defendant from attending religious services at his church as he awaits trial, the man claims in court. 

     A first-edition copy of Copernicus' De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (1543), a major work in the history of science, believed to have been burned up in a 2004 fire, has been found again, among books waiting restoration.

     In a class action, residents of a far west Chicago suburb claim they are overcharged for electricity because a slew of utility companies and agencies misrepresented the problems of producing power with polluting, high-sulfur coal. 

     Texas has sued fired Medicaid claims administrator Xerox for the second time in four months, claiming its failure to return client medical records exposes the state to massive federal fines for violations of privacy. 

     Kaiser is rarely sued for illegal debt collection, so Kaiser continues, claims a patient who was still harassed after filing suit. 

     The 9th Circuit on Wednesday refused to overturn the repatriation of 9,000-year-old skeletons to the Kumeyaay Indian Tribes. 

     A Pentecostal pastor who broke into a parishioner's home to take him to rehab did not reject a three-year plea deal as a result of ineffective counsel, the 8th Circuit ruled, affirming his 11-year sentence. 

     Tyson Foods Inc., the nation's largest meat processor, and Hillshire Brands Co., reached a settlement Wednesday that will clear the way for their $8.5 billion merger. 

     A federal judge refused to grant the Green Party's last ditch effort to place its candidates on the November 2014 Illinois ballot. 

     A Nigerian woman who extorted $185,000 from the husband of a government official was properly barred from using battered woman's syndrome as a defense, a federal judge ruled. 

     It was proper to indefinitely suspend a lawyer for The Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army whose affair got him court-martialed, a federal judge ruled. 

     Attorneys whose clients opted out of multidistrict litigation against Bayer for tainting the U.S. rice supply with unapproved GMO rice cannot collect fees from the common settlement fund, the 8th Circuit ruled. 

     Wal-Mart is liable for punitive damages after a credit-card snafu led to a customer going to jail, the South Carolina Court of Appeals ruled. 

     Reconsidering a $1.6 million judgment against a contactor that worked on Fort Campbell, a federal judge ordered the company to pay about half that for falsifying payroll. 

     Franklin, Tenn. is polluting the Harpeth River with "untreated sewage, ammonia, and wastewater with toxic characteristics," the Harpeth River Watershed Association claims in Federal Court. 

     Santander Consumer USA Holdings raised $2 billion in an IPO this year, at $24 a share, but it's going at $18 now that the Justice Department has subpoenaed it for documents about its securitization of subprime auto loans, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     A former studio assistant to Jasper Johns pleaded guilty to stealing 22 works by the artist's Connecticut studio that sold for $6.5 million, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. 

     Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne lost a primary battle Tuesday against a Republican challenger, ending his controversial career as the state's top prosecutor.

     Slamming a group of Nigerians for copying their $5 billion lawsuit against Chevron over a weeks-long oil blaze "almost verbatim from the original complaint," a federal judge warned that he may dismiss the case with prejudice. 

     A former Rikers Island inmate who claims that guards kept him from attending Muslim prayer services on 10 Fridays during five months he spent in the hole may have uncovered a "pattern of misconduct" in New York City prisons, a federal judge ruled. 

     World Wrestling Entertainment and its CEO Vince McMahon inflated the company's share price with false and misleading statements, and it fell from $19.93 to $11.27 in a day when the truth came out, shareholders claim in Federal Court.  

     7-Eleven lured in customers with false and misleading advertising about prices, California claims in Superior Court. 

     A patient claims Dr. John H. Pellegrini sexually abused her at the Hope Clinic, in Kanawha County Court; 27 similar claims against Pellegrini have been filed since 2011. 

     J.C. Penney inflated its share price with false and misleading statements from Aug. 20 to Sept. 26, 2013, shareholders claim in Federal Court.