Budget constraints have left the watchdog for Chicago's City Council unable to do his job or pay his employees, the officer claims in court. 

     Google shut down a popular app that lets parents track their children's cellphone usage after copycats flooded the market, a developer says in Federal Court. 

     A woman who made headlines by showing compassion after a dangerous teenage prank now wants damages from her business partner. 

     Attorneys for accused mass-murderer James Holmes want the trial postponed to give them more time to review videotapes of Holmes' sanity examinations. 

     San Francisco will fight a federal judge's ruling that its rent payout ordinance is unconstitutional.

     An Oklahoma judge Wednesday refused to block the state's new law banning the use of abortion-inducing drugs.

     A leader of the Team Digi7al hacker group was sentenced Wednesday to two years in federal prison for targeting 50 military, university and business computer systems to steal thousands of identities.

     Arachnid Inc. must cover the $2.7 million that TouchTunes Music spent successfully defending counterclaims in a patent-infringment battle, a federal judge ruled. 

     Nature's Bounty and NBTY target the elderly with false and misleading claims that their gingko biloba supplement improves the memory, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     A manager at Luxottica Retail North America raped, manhandled and falsely imprisoned an employee at the store, she claims in Superior Court.

     Pennsylvania kept a man in prison 232 days past his release date on a DUI-related offense, the man claims in Federal Court.  

     Ignacio Orozco, a founder of the Mexican group Viento y Sol in the 1980s, claims his former bandmate Jose Diosdado and Juan Manuel Navarro are violating the Viento y Sol (Wind and Sun) trademark, in Federal Court. 

     A family of UFCW union bosses, all with the last name Fazio, failed to have the 2nd Circuit overturn their extortion convictions Wednesday. 

     The United Nations operates out of midtown Manhattan, but diplomatic immunity obstructs litigation here by victims of Haiti's 2010 cholera epidemic.

     In a big-money court fight over dolls, MGA Entertainment claims Hasbro stole its employees and trade secrets to develop a Princess doll for Disney, and "cripple" MGA along the way.

     A private equity firm says Twitter double-crossed it in a deal for $100 million in pre-IPO shares in order to sell them to someone else. 

     The former manager of the R&B Group TLC claims she was defamed by the producers of a VH1 biopic film about the multi-million-selling trio. 

     S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell pleaded guilty today to charges he spent nearly $300,000 in campaign funds on himself and others, and immediately resigned from office.

     Keenan and Shawn Wayans claim in court that lawyers not licensed in California gouged them for tax services by secretly launching multiple California companies on their behalf.

     Florida's attorney general said a phony talent agency duped parents into shelling out thousands in the vain hope of making their children stars. 

     Police are investigating an assault allegedly involving Michael Brown's mother that happened Saturday.

     Cacao beans in "healthy chocolate" candy bars gave a woman an "LSD-type trip" in which she hallucinated, planned suicide and was locked up as a threat to herself, she claims in court. 

     Reducing pollution in Southern California requires more action from the U.S. government, environmentalists told the 9th Circuit on Wednesday.

     The NCAA and the nation's four major sports leagues accused Gov. Chris Christie of strong-arming his way into sponsoring sports gambling at state-licensed venues. 

     An attorney in a "drug-fueled rage" strangled and beat his teenage girlfriend so badly she was hospitalized, according to her lawsuit and a police report. 

     The Navajo Nation sued a New Mexico state judge in Federal Court to prevent him from presiding over a wrongful death lawsuit. 

     A federal judge Wednesday awarded $3.6 million in attorneys' fees from a settled $14.7 million class action accusing Wells Fargo Home Mortgage of shorting employees on commissions. 

     A Brooklyn man who schemed with a commercial fisherman to underreport their overtake of summer flounder will serve four months for wire fraud.

      A Hasidic poultry processing plant has settled claims that it dumped chicken parts, fat and other waste into storm drains and the Ramapo River, the Justice Department said Thursday. 

     Judicial error may help a man serving 50 years to life in California for false imprisonment and sexual penetration with a foreign object. 

     Publishers will get another chance to show that Georgia universities give professors too much use of copyrighted materials, the 11th Circuit ruled. 

     A federal judge ruled plaintiffs suing the University of Tennessee can't invoke beloved former women's basketball coach Pat Summitt in their complaint. 

     Four blacked-out paragraphs of an antitrust complaint involving the $1.5 billion Alzheimer's drug Namenda must be disclosed, a federal judge ruled.  

     Blocking the execution of a Pennsylvania prisoner, a federal judge cited lapses by defense counsel with respect to evidence of childhood abuse and medical history. 

     The government couldn't prove wrongdoing in a $1 million gold deal involving a man jailed for mortgage fraud and a Swiss company that may or may not exist, the 9th Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     Immigration officials must explain how a gaucho chef's knowledge of his country's cuisine is "categorically irrelevant" to his bid to work for a Brazilian steakhouse in the U.S. 

     An allegedly bipolar woman accused of threatening to kill a federal judge got a second shot on the witness stand before prosecutors rested their case Wednesday.

     Two men who admitted to conspiring with an FBI agent to steal and sell government files on a "prominent" Bangladeshi now face 35 years in prison. 

     The capitulation by Wisconsin's highest court on the state's voter ID law inspired a stinging dissent from its chief justice. 

     Chevron and BNP Paribas need not face claims that they supported human-rights abuses by Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the 2nd Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     Embezzlement charges against embattled New York state Sen. John Sampson should be dropped as time-barred, he told a federal judge Thursday.

     Led Zeppelin failed obtain dismissal of a songwriter's federal action alleging that "Stairway to Heaven" rips off Randy California's "Taurus." 

     NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must answer questions from the attorneys of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, an arbitrator ruled.

     A two-day hearing kicked off Wednesday to determine the expert testimony and class action status of a gender-bias suit against Goldman Sachs.

     A defect in Ford Explorers exposes passengers to lethal carbon monoxide and other gases, a federal class action alleges.