The ex-mayor of Bell, Calif., Oscar Hernandez, was sentenced Thursday to a year in prison and ordered to pay $241,000 in restitution for the corruption scandal that nearly bankrupted the city.

     A New Jersey appeals court has upheld Gov. Chris Christie's controversial appointment of a Hispanic civil rights leader to Rutgers University's Board of Governors. 

     Countrywide Home Loans, now a subsidiary of Bank of America, must pay $1.3 billion for the "brazen fraud" it perpetrated "not just on the immediate victims but also on the financial system as a whole," a federal judge ruled Wednesday. 

     Seventeen alleged "members and associates" of an L.A. street gang were arrested Wednesday on a 62-count indictment that accuses them of drug dealing, robbery, burglary, carjacking, witness intimidation, kidnapping, gun dealing, credit card fraud, identity theft, and hate crimes against African-Americans. 

     The SEC on Wednesday announced enforcement actions against the CEO and former CFO of Florida-based QSGI, a computer equipment company, for Sarbanes-Oxley violations.

     The principal of Livingston High School, in the Merced Union High School District, covered up a sexual affair a teacher had with a 15-year-old student, the student claims in Merced County Court. 

     Edwin A. Vasquez and Vasquez Global Investments, of Arden, N.C., swiped $332,000 from clients in a commodities pool Vasquez ran "in the manner of a Ponzi scheme," the Commodity Futures Trading Commission claims in Federal Court. 

     Galectin Therapeutics and its top three officers used stock promoters to inflate its share price and the price fell from $14.54 to $5.70 in a day when the truth came out, shareholders claim in Federal Court. 

     The Nielsen Co. stiffs its field reps for overtime, a class action claims in Broward County Court. 

     ING Life Insurance and Annuity Co. nka Voya Retirement and Annuity Co. fired an employee for truthfully reporting Sarbanes-Oxley violations, she claims in Federal Court. 

     An Alabama urology clinic wants an attorney sanctioned for filing what it calls "entirely false" allegations that its doctor amputated the penis of a man who had gone there for a circumcision. 

     Reporters followed suspended State Sen. Leland Yee after a hearing Thursday morning in federal court, but he declined to comment on an additional racketeering charge that a grand jury added to an indictment against him and 28 other defendants last week.

     Cincinnati erected a barricade on a residential street - to fight prostitution - but the unconstitutional barrier has made life difficult for residents of the neighborhood, and denied them due process, residents claim in Federal Court. 

     A proposed federal law that would force journalists to get a permit before reporting from public lands appears to have been killed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - killed by partisan bickering, not by First Amendment concerns.

     Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sued a Beverly Hills auction house this week, claiming it refuses to return 152 items of his memorabilia, including a signed Bruce Lee movie poster.

     A physician assistant decided a man's neck tumor was benign by simply smelling it, and then threw it away, though it was a fast-growing and aggressive cancer, the patient claims in court. 

     A child-care screening service recommended a nanny who had a "history of alcohol and violence," and she got drunk on the job and killed a 3-month-old baby, the parents claim in court. 

     Late pop artist Larry Rivers' foundation claims in court that the new owners of New York's storied Hotel Chelsea swiped his "Dutch Masters" painting that was on loan in the lobby - not a donation. 

     Charter schools sued the District of Columbia on Wednesday, claiming the District underfunds charter schools that serve 37,000 of the District's children. 

     A Texas jury ordered McDonald's to pay $27 million to the families of two college students who were killed in an automobile collision after one was severely beaten in the restaurant's parking lot.

     A doctor claims in Federal Court that she was sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by another doctor in the Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System, and that he pleaded guilty to it. 

     After nearly two hours of argument, a federal judge upheld a magistrate's order forcing Microsoft to turn over a user's data held by its subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland.

     A San Diego-area high school and its officials are not liable for claims that a campus security guard slammed a 15-year-old girl to the ground, placed a white hood over her head, and left her with a bloody face and broken collarbone, a federal judge has ruled. 

     A Florida district court denied cross motions for summary judgment in a $375 million antitrust lawsuit and says it will soon determine the analysis methodology to be used at trial. 

     The D.C. Circuit dismissed an artist's claim that the Affordable Care Act unconstitutionally forces him to buy health insurance against his will, or pay a penalty. 

     Bass Pro Shops failed to refute charges it discriminates against minority job applicants, but a federal judge urged the company to press its argument that it cannot be sued on behalf of unidentified victims. 

     The 11th Circuit this week upheld a $67 million judgment against TD Bank for its alleged role in a Florida attorney's billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. 

     A federal judge has denied certification of a class of consumers who say The Clorox Company made false claims about its Fresh Step cat litter. 

     The Quaker Oats Co. has agreed to pay $1.4 million to settle a class action that claimed it willfully mislabeled granola bars as trans-fats free when in fact they were not, a federal judge ruled. 

     A lawsuit in which home security giant ADT says a competitor stole its customers with false sales pitches will move forward, a federal judge ruled. 

     Yelp cannot block an unfair-competition lawsuit targeting the website's claims of how well it filters out unfair reviews, a California appeals court ruled. 

     Rapper Lil Wayne and his company Young Money Entertainment owe more than $1 million for renting airplanes for his "jet setting around the globe," an aircraft rental company claims in a stinging complaint. 

     Driscoll Strawberry Associates, a seller of fresh berries, failed to pay hourly employees for overtime worked or to give them all owed wages upon their termination, a class action claims. 

     The Center for Biological Diversity has requested the United States stop fishing for Pacific bluefin tuna and recommend an international moratorium. 

     SK Madison Commodities president Michael J. Seward and its former president Yan Kaziyev defrauded investors of $1.3 million, federal prosecutors say in separate indictments. 

     Battle Creek police falsely arrested and imprisoned two children and their mother because they saw a cop shoot another minor child without justification, the family claims in Federal Court. 

     St. Joseph Health System and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital breached the medical privacy of 33,000 patients, a class action claims in Sonoma County Court. 

     The Department of Veterans Affairs pays two female emergency room physicians at the John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital in Little Rock $14,000 less than male doctors who do the same work, the two doctors claim in Federal Court. 

     Novex Biotech, Sierra Research Group and GNC Corp. falsely claim that Growth Factor-9 is a "clinically tested hormone secretagogue" that will create a "682% mean increase in serum growth hormone levels," a class action claims in Federal Court.