A bank accuses Caesars Entertainment Corp. in court of "unimaginably brazen corporate looting" to strip the company of billions of dollars in assets and duck business loans. 

     A San Diego high school student killed himself two weeks after a fellow student posted a video of him allegedly masturbating in a school bathroom, the parents claim in court. 

     I lived on the Tohono O'odham reservation for six years, teaching kids, and lived just off the rez teaching San Carlos Apaches for another year, so every year I write a Thanksgiving column for my good luck.
     Thank you, my Indian friends, for not asking the white people for identification. Maybe you should have.
     The O'odham and the Apaches were ancient enemies.
     The Apaches were raiders and the O'odham were farmers.
     They'd been fighting for centuries.
     So the first time the white men in blue coats showed up in O'odham land and asked the O'odham if they could help fight Apaches, the O'odham said, "Follow us."
     That was not even two centuries before I got there.
     Lots of things were starting to happen on the rez in my time. Drugs, mainly. It got pretty ugly pretty fast. I won't go into that because this story happened before then. Just barely before then. And I don't want to talk about bad things today. I want to tell you the funniest thing I ever heard on the rez.
     No one else saw the humor in it that Thanksgiving day, but I've always remembered it.
     My favorite student had invited me to Thanksgiving dinner at her house. It was a late-traditional house, with a dirt floor and walls made of adobe reinforced with cactus ribs. Saints stood on shelves in the corners. Chickens chased one another around the house, and on the back porch under the huato, dinner cooked in the open air.
     Little kids ran around chasing chickens and little dogs.
     Over it all my favorite student's mom reigned supreme, keeping everything in order, everything quiet. She had relatives in quite a few tribes, on both sides of the border. Spoke quite a few languages. I'll bet you couldn't find an anthropologist who spoke all the languages she did.
     We talked about this and that - mostly about my student's classmates.
     It was a small town. That's what people talk about in a small town.
     I found out that one of the few white kids on the rez, a student of mine, was dating So and So, an Indian girl.
     The white guy's father lived on the rez because he was a Protestant minister. Well, who else could his son ask for a date?
     So, as we talked about this and that, and the chickens chased one another across the floor, and Thanksgiving dinner cooked outside, my favorite student's mom pressed her lips together primly and said, "That's not right. A Protestant dating a Catholic girl."
     Happy Thanksgiving.

     A federal judge entered final judgment in the settled antitrust complaint brought against Sinclair Broadcast Group regarding the acquisition of Perpetual Corp. 

     A pro se defendant failed Tuesday to have a federal judge dismiss the trademark-infringement claims he faces from CFA Institute. 

     Protesters in Ferguson torched a police car and broke businesses' windows Tuesday night, still angry over a grand jury's failure to indict a police officer for shooting Michael Brown.

     The attorney for the victims of the Second Intifada said Arab Bank should have "its feet held to the fire" for its role in scores of terror attacks.

     An accused terrorist believed to have terminal cancer should be tried for the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings before he dies, a federal judge warned. 

     The University of Cincinnati has a biased process for resolving allegations of sexual assault suspects, two anonymous men claim in court. 

     A 20-year-old woman claims the indifference of the City of Boynton Beach, Fla. set the stage for her rape by a cop on the hood of his patrol car. 

     Actor and radio satirist Phil Hendrie sued as-yet unknown defendants for allegedly impersonating him in an effort to torpedo his new, internet-only "Phil Hendrie Show." 

      The parents of high school football players who participated in an allegedly racist ritual of smashing watermelons after games have filed a defamation suit. 

     Bad news from a company that billed itself as the largest e-payment enabler in Southeast Asia sent shares into a tailspin last week, a federal class action alleges.

     A Northern California prosecutor's supervisor pursued her endlessly, effectively ending her employment, the woman claims in court. 

     A federal judge rejected Abbott Laboratories' request for judgment in an antitrust suit over wide price swings for the HIV drug Norvir. 

     Microsoft promoted its HealthVault website and app with unsolicited emails, a class action alleges. 

     ExxonMobil exacerbated the 2013 Pegasus pipeline rupture by not immediately reporting the spill, creating the "worst crude oil and tar sands spill in Arkansas history," dozens of families claim in a class action. 

     Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling faces a new lawsuit, over an alleged bedbug infestation at one of the apartments he owns.

     Directors of network security firm FireEye pumped the share price with false and misleading statements then sold their own shares for "tens of millions of dollars" before the price plummeted by two-thirds, shareholders say in a class action. 

     A San Diego doctor took more than 1,300 nude and partially photos of patients for nonmedical reasons, five women claim in court. 

     The National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States has joined the fight to stop the planned sale of Berkeley's main post office. 

     Boise State University sued two property management companies, claiming their tenant let a carcinogenic chemical leach into groundwater under the campus and into a river. 

     The City and County of San Francisco are not liable for the decade-long delay of the $3 million sale of an abandoned Methodist church on Russian Hill, a federal judge ruled. 

     Venezuela's national oil company is selling CITGO to move the money back home and prevent ConocoPhillips from collecting an impending billion-dollar arbitration award, ConocoPhillips claims in court. 

     HSBC Private Bank, of Switzerland, will pay $12.5 for failing to register its cross-border brokerage and advisory services for U.S. clients, the SEC said. 

     Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent heart surgery Wednesday after experiencing discomfort during routine exercise, the Supreme Court said.

     A Texas convenience store cannot be held liable for the rape and murder of a customer who met her killer at the store, a state appeals court ruled. 

     A Canadian antiques dealer pleaded guilty to charges he attempted to smuggle two black rhinoceros horns with the intent of selling them.

     Haitian immigrant workers at a public school bus terminal in Washington can pursue claims that they had to pay kickbacks for overtime, a federal judge ruled. 

     The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to take up a case where San Francisco police officers shot a disturbed, knife-wielding woman. 

     The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to say whether costs should factor into the government's regulation of hazardous air pollutants emitted by electric utilities. 

     California's lawsuit against General Motors over a dangerous ignition switch failures belongs in state court, a federal judge ruled. 

     A federal judge dismissed all claims in a lawsuit alleging a Palo Alto retirement community funneled nearly $200 million of its residents' money to its corporate parent. 

     A former police official cannot prevent the release of his taped deposition about the alleged tackling of a journalist covering the Occupy Wall Street protests. 

     Dream Act beneficiaries urged a federal judge to let them apply for Arizona driver's licenses, but it will likely be a while before the state's "dreamers" are driving. 

     Young America Insurance Co. systematically denies coverage for accidents involving uninsured and underinsured drivers, a class action claims in Bernalillo County Court. 

     An off-duty Broward County sheriff's officer assaulted, falsely arrested and imprisoned a man, breaking his bones, because the officer wanted the guy's parking spot, the man claims in Federal Court. 

     Directors are selling Aviv REIT too cheaply through an unfair process to Omega Healthcare Investors, for $34.97 or $3 billion, shareholders claim in Baltimore City Court. 

     The widow of animal control officer Roy Marcum blames Citi Bank and its employees for the death of her husband, who was shot to death by a man who was angry about being evicted, in Sacramento Superior Court.  

     A federal judge stayed a ruling that a health care conglomerate's pension plans are not a "church plan" and thus exempt from ERISA requirements while the ruling is appealed. 

     The trial court portion of the second Apple-Samsung patent dustup ended late Tuesday, with a federal judge awarding nearly $120 million to Apple and $158,400 to Samsung. 

     The "right to be forgotten" on Internet search engines in the EU must include the engines' dot-com entries, not just the European derivatives, privacy watchdogs said Wednesday.

     The 9th Circuit reinstated the conviction of a former Miss Montana who defrauded her homeowner's insurance to the tune of $123,000 while her mansion was being repaired. 

     A Wisconsin man who used Facebook to complain about the racial tones of a police investigation was unfairly arrested, he claims in Federal Court. 

     Visa monopolizes the U.S. market for debit card services, stifling competition that would reduce fees for business owners and consumers, a rival claims in a federal antitrust lawsuit. 

     A gang member serving two consecutive life sentences for conspiracy to commit murder lost his bid to have those sentences thrown out. 

     Judge Sidney Thomas will take over Dec. 1 as chief judge of the 9th Circuit, the final stop for the lion's share of federal litigation in the western United States.

     Environmentalists in the West claim the feds haven't done a comprehensive environmental review of the federal coal leasing program in a quarter-century - long before climate change reared its ugly head. 

     A family court judge said he was wrongly arrested for battery after an argument with a hospital nurse who just happened to be married to a deputy sheriff. 

     New protection measures for endangered sea lions favor the fishing industry, environmentalists say.