An environmental challenge to new solar-energy developments across the Southwest curried little sympathy Monday from the Ninth Circuit.

     San Francisco on Monday sought to tear down a lawsuit from a former reality TV show contestant who claims police conspired to pin him with a murder he didn't commit.

     Refusing consider Wisconsin's unconstitutional voter-identification law en banc, the Seventh Circuit found that temporary procedures will be enough to get through the upcoming election. 

      Donald Trump filed court papers opposing an attempt to bar him from calling former Trump University students as witnesses during a looming class-action trial, calling the request "unprincipled." 

     The FBI is warning state officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers targeted related data systems in two states.

     A Texas prisoner testified Monday that five guards stormed his cell, squeezed his genitals and shoved something into his rectum after he asked why he needed to be strip-searched, since he was already naked.

     Sidelining charges against AT&T over data throttling, the Ninth Circuit found the carrier exempt Monday from the Federal Trade Commission's authority. 

     A federal class action accuses Denver of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on the homeless in police sweeps that not only roust them from camps but destroy their tents, blankets and few possessions. 

     The California Supreme Court on Monday sided with Los Angeles County in a dispute with state regulators over the costs of implementing urban stormwater plans. 

     A state appeals court in Maryland has ruled the novelist Tom Clancy's children must bear the brunt of the estate tax burden assessed with the execution of his will. 

     After a humiliating tabloid spread that said she'd been deemed "unqualified," a Brooklyn judge slapped the committee blocking her reappointment with a $5 million federal complaint. 

     Donald Trump learned Tuesday he won't be able to stop a looming post-election, class-action trial against his now-defunct real estate school Trump University, after a federal judge denied his attempt to decertify the class. 

     Judges and court officials throughout California have united against a proposal to standardize salaries for the state's trial court employees, saying it's likely to be incredibly costly and won't do much to improve service.

     Blasting the author of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" in a federal complaint, Hachette Book Group says Seth Grahame-Smith should fork over half-a-million dollars because his long-awaited next title is a dud. 

     In a class action that sounds like a Tom Clancy novel, a patient claims that pacemakers and other implanted heart devices sold by St. Jude Medical can be attacked by hackers to steal personal information and even harm patients. 

     A divided California Supreme Court ruled Bristol-Myers Squibb is subject to state-court jurisdiction for legal claims from people who suffered bleeding or a stroke after taking its blood thinner Plavix. 

     A Texas judge struck down a state law that prevented three craft brewers from selling their distribution rights, in a blow against what their attorney called "politically connected beer distributors." 

     In a lawsuit out of a Kafka novel, an immigration attorney claims the federal government won't let her see a client's immigration file because it might help her "evade enforcement efforts." 

     A lawsuit accuses a Las Vegas antique and memorabilia dealer of running a "massive fraud" in cahoots with a "Pawn Stars" celebrity and others who fraudulently certify that memorabilia were once owned by celebrities. 

     President Barack Obama on Friday quadrupled the size of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in Hawaii to include some 580,000 square miles of the northwest Hawaiian Islands.

     A federal judge on Monday dismissed Citizens United's claims that its donors would face harassment or retaliation if their names are made public, as required by New York law. 

     Fox News Channel says Andrea Tantaros is not a "victim" but "an opportunist" in its response to the sexual-harassment lawsuit filed last week by the former Fox News host. 

     A jury must decide whether a D.C. cop had reasonable cause to shoot and kill a man suspected of throwing a bottle at a store window, a federal judge ruled. 

     Live Nation Entertainment must face claims from a woman who was knocked down a flight of stone steps at a Nov. 20, 2013, concert by Kanye West and Jay Z after the performers encouraged fans to rush the stage, an Illinois appeals court ruled. 

     An Illinois appeals court advanced claims against GlaxoSmithKline from eight children born with catastrophic birth defects after their mothers took the drug Paxil during their pregnancy. 

     A divided Illinois Supreme Court invalidated a proposed ballot initiative intended to reduce partisanship in legislative redistricting, denying voters the chance to vote on the amendment in fall. 

     More than 40 years after granting farmworkers collective bargaining rights, the California Legislature on Monday approved a landmark proposal that would extend basic overtime laws to the state's vital agricultural labor force.

     Twenty-eight Central American women who entered the United States illegally with their minor children while fleeing violence in their homelands are not entitled to judicial review of their deportation cases, the Third Circuit ruled Monday. 

     The en banc Ninth Circuit ruled that prosecutors' failure to disclose a witness's plea agreement is not enough to warrant a new trial for a man convicted of taking part in a spree of armed robberies. 

     A federal judge on Monday dismissed a police union's claim that Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck pressures captains on disciplinary boards to fire officers and threatens those that don't cave to his demands, but said the union could refile in state court.

     Singapore has reported 56 cases of Zika infections transmitted locally, the latest nation to experience an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus that is rapidly becoming a pandemic.

     Trinity Health and its hospital in Minot have agreed in principal on a legal settlement with 21 victims of the largest hepatitis C outbreak in recent U.S. history, though Trinity's legal fight with a nursing home where most people were sickened will continue.

     A federal judge refused to dismiss claims that a technology company's allegedly defamatory letters to Google and Apple thwarted the rollout of a competitor's crack at the rental car toll-processing market. 

     Plans to merge the mining-equipment company Joy Global with Komatsu for $28.30 a share, or $2.7 billion, fails to maximize value for shareholders, a class claims.


     The 10th Circuit affirmed dismissal of an infringement suit by Forney Industries against Daco of Missouri dba KDAR Co., concerning flame-motif packaging on metalworking products. 

     Twenty-seven people claim their thumbs were injured by crossbows that do not have a finger guard, in separate federal complaints, all against Barnett Outdoors, Synergy Outdoors, and Wildgame Innovations. 

     Apple will have to pay up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) plus interest in back taxes to Ireland after the European Union found Tuesday that the U.S. technology giant had paid next to no tax across the bloc's 28 countries for over 11 years.

     The U.S. Forest Service decision to abandon a decades-old law that protects big game habitat and allow "treeless" habitat will hurt elk so badly it will frustrate hunters too, five nonprofit outdoors groups say in court. 

     A new vaccine to fight the Zika virus may not be necessary at all, after a specialized drug screen test revealed two classes of compounds that could potentially be used to halt or hinder the virus's progress.

     The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday updated its guidance for blood donation centers in all 50 states to begin testing all collections for the Zika virus, which has begun spreading across the South.

     About 210,000 owners of Volkswagens with 2-liter diesel engines that cheat on emissions tests have registered to settle with the company under the terms of a June court agreement.

     While environmental changes from global warming make it difficult for scientists to determine how various ecosystems will adapt, the diversity of the Amazon's forests may be the key to how well it adjusts.

     A payday lender's arbitration clause isn't worth the paper it's written on after its arbitrator was shut down for scamming consumers, the Second Circuit ruled Monday. 

     Researchers say rising carbon dioxide levels will make plants less thirsty, resulting in a drastic reduction of climate change-induced droughts.

     The chambered nautilus faces threats from the international shell trade and ocean acidification and may need federal protection, a federal agency says.

     A federal judge dismissed with 30 days leave to amend an ERISA class action accusing Chevron of imprudently investing its employees' retirement money. 

     A class of iPhone 6 users say cheap materials render their phones' touch screens inoperable when dropped or bumped, and Apple has done nothing about the defect. 

     A federal judge granted summary judgment on all but two claims against tea company R.C. Bigelow, and refused to certify a class that claims it misrepresented the benefits of the "healthy antioxidants" in its tea.