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Florida Come Back Tour

Down along the Gulf Coast, we found Free Florida where the dive bars are plentiful and the fishing is good.

Transcripts in US Circuit courts — Nope

A First Circuit argument on a Courthouse News case included an animated contest of ideas. I was looking for a transcript.

Red and blue access

Public access does not depend on political colors. Texas proves that.

Blowing the holiday blues away

When the blues have taken hold, a little beach north of Santa Barbara holds the magic elixir that sends them swiftly away.

And then there was Amalia

In the bowels of the evil wizard Sauron’s castle were bred an indestructible species of orcs who at times have reminded me of the government officials we fight now.

Time to end the restrictions

As two years of a now-waning pandemic continue to take a toll on society, on students and on local businesses, England and now the EU are ending restrictions. It is time for California to do the same.