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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Saturday, December 2, 2023 | Back issues
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Comments from the judge

In our battle over access to new court pleadings in New Mexico, comments from the bench were remarkably perceptive on all the legal points and yet the judge ultimately applied his own experience, a tendency that has both helped and hurt our cases.

The judge’s questions, part 2

In the many First Amendment cases brought by Courthouse News, comments and questions from the bench represent the judges unplugged, revealing their thoughts on the conflict before them and possibly suggesting where they might be headed.

The judge’s questions, part 1

Comments from the bench are sometimes lost once a hearing is over, and the wait begins for a written ruling. But they are often telling.

East China Sea

In the long war between Courthouse News and an organized lobby of state court officials, the field of conflict is quiet right now. And so it is time to get out of town.

The forces

San Francisco, Twitter Blue, Google and a beep. They are all part of a great shift.

Sunlight now pours into the Florida courts

In the great of arc of litigation between this news service and court clerks over access to newsmaking complaints, a most remarkable metamorphosis has taken place in Florida where clerks and administrators have transformed what was the worst access in the nation into what is now the best.