Thursday, August 11, 2022 | Back issues
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Dinner viewing

When a reader asks for advice, I'm here to give it. Today, I solve your dinner television viewing dilemma.

Tales of greed

What do you do if your boyfriend is more interested in someone else's tender offer than yours? Calling the authorities is an option.

Lawyer excuses

If your excuses are going to work, you need to be consistent, stay off social media, and look like you're working.


Should you be reassured that warrants haven't been issued to the operators of a website you're visiting? Maybe you ought to rethink what you're doing on that website. In other news, Dunder Mifflin and Buddhists are involved in trademark disputes.

Constitutional reality

We can't seem to decide what the U.S. Constitution is supposed to mean, so maybe we ought write a new one we can all understand.

Other news

With all the momentous and emotional news coming at us lately, you probably missed some stuff that we might otherwise be talking about. I'm here to keep you informed.