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Mie Olsen

Mie Olsen

Mie Olsen is the Scandinavian reporter for Courthouse News Service. She has her own company and writes in-depth content on everything from sustainable technologies to European macropolitics.

Latest Articles by Mie Olsen

Sweden sees nationalist rise in historically close elections

A rise in crime precipitated the extremely close race, whose results make it impossible to say whether Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will remain in power.

Finland bans fast-track tourist visas for Russians

Finland got permission from EU leaders to curb visas for Russian travelers, who have used the country as a transit point to access the rest of Europe since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Danish government aims to crack down on gang recruitment

Ahead of upcoming national elections, the governing Social Democratic Party has presented 30 proposals for stricter sentencing on organized crime activities. The legislative package focuses on prevention rather than acts of violence.