Woman Says Bartender Drugged & Raped Her

     CLAYTON, Mo. (CN) – A bar owner knowingly served alcohol to minors and let a bartender serve a drugged drink to a young woman and rape her in a back room, the woman claims in St. Louis County Court.

     The plaintiff claims Café Brasil owner Jorge Carvalho knew she and her friends were minors, but served them alcohol anyway. On June 21, 2007, the woman, who was 20, says she was at Café Brasil and was served a mixed drink by a bartender named Alex. She said the drink made her feel dizzy and disoriented, and that Alex then took her to a back room and raped her.
     The woman says that Café Brasil still serves alcohol to minors. Café Brasil has had repeated complaints about its behavior from neighbors and had been threatened with losing its liquor license at the time of the rape, the complaint states. It claims that Alex has been charged with forcible rape, and has fled to Brazil.
     The plaintiff demands punitive damages. She is represented by Douglas Roller of St. Louis.

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