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Joe Harris

Joe Harris

Joe Harris has been the St. Louis reporter for Courthouse News Service since July 2005. He covers the courts in the eastern half of Missouri and all statewide political issues.

Latest Articles by Joe Harris

Missouri judge finds then-AG Hawley withheld records to protect Senate campaign

The Republican judge ordered the Missouri Attorney General’s Office to pay $12,000 in civil penalties for knowingly violating the state’s open records law.

Eighth Circuit upholds St. Louis County wanted alert system

The system allows police officers who want to interview a subject to issue a statewide wanted alert for that person’s arrest by any other officer without a magistrate’s approval.

Prolonged Midwest drought threatens to cause massive economic damage

The Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio rivers are all at record lows, cutting barge traffic in half at the peak of harvest season. The dry conditions could also have long-term effects on agriculture.