Where’s All the Stuff?

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – A sports agent who bought a $4.75 million mansion in bankruptcy from U.S. Fidelis founder Darain Atkinson claims someone spirited a bunch of stuff out of the place before he could move in.
     Harold Lewis, whose National Sports Agency represents 40 NFL players, claims that the mansion included a number a luxury items that had gone missing when he took possession.
     The missing items include a flat screen television in a garage, another TV in the gym, a salt generator for the swimming pool, an outdoor fountain, 24 outdoor pool speakers, seven key pieces to the home theater system and “receivers hooked up to every television on the property,” Lewis says.
     His lawsuit has been added to U.S. Fidelis’ federal bankruptcy proceeding.
     Attorney David Warfield says the lawsuit is without merit.
     Warfield, who represents a committee of U.S. Fidelis creditors, negotiated the sale of the mansion last fall.
     “If he does not withdraw it immediately, we plan to ask the court to sanction both the buyer and its law firm that filed the lawsuit,” Warfield said in an email to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
     U.S. Fidelis claimed to be the nation’s largest extended auto warranty dealer in the nation before it collapsed in 2009.
     U.S. Fidelis claimed Atkinson and his brother Cory plundered more than $101 million of the company’s assets for their own gain.
     Lewis, suing as 5 Lakeview Acquisition Group, is represented by Brian McGovern with McCarthy, Leonard & Kaemmerer, of Chesterfield, Mo.

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