U.S. Export Exceptions Made for South Sudan

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Bureau of Industry and Security has added the new nation, the Republic of South Sudan, to a list that allows South Sudan certain export and re-export license exceptions.
The list includes countries that raise relatively few national security concerns, according to the agency.
     To give South Sudan the exceptions, the agency has amended the Export Administration Regulations, which control exports and re-exports of U.S.-origin dual-use items (items that have both civilian and military uses).
     The Bureau of Industry and Security will require a license to export or reexport to the Republic of South Sudan items controlled unilaterally for regional stability and crime control reasons, and items controlled by the multilateral export control regimes (Australia Group, Wassenaar Arrangement, Chemical/Biological Weapons Conventions, Nuclear Suppliers Group, Missile Technology Control Regime).
     In February, the region of Southern Sudan voted to become a separate nation from the rest of Sudan, effective July 9, 2011. The U.S. has formally recognized the Republic of South Sudan as a sovereign state.
     The controls that continue to apply to “Sudan” under the Export Administration Regulations do not apply to the Republic of South Sudan.
     Click the document icon for this regulation and others.

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