The Internet: a Tool for Revenge

     HOUSTON (CN) – In a privacy invasion lawsuit, a woman claims her ex posted a 6-minute video on YouTube claiming that she had Human Papillomavirus and was getting a hysterectomy to hide it from her husband.
     Melissa B. sued Kevin Simmang in Harris County Court.
     He began by “maliciously” posting a video on Feb. 26, “detailing intimate and personal facts of the former relationship,” she says in the complaint.
     Then “On March 23, defendant posted a 6-minute video of himself speaking about the former relationship,” the complaint states. “In this video about the plaintiff, defendant announced the plaintiff had the sexually transmitted disease, the human papillomavirus, and was getting a hysterectomy to hide it.
     “On March 27, defendant posted another video containing information on plaintiff’s sexual history. Publishing these videos on YouTube are intended to reach the highest possible audience.
     “The defendant stated in the March 27 video that it was beginning to ‘go viral’ showing his approval for more and more persons watching the video. The videos have begun to enter the school where plaintiff’s children attend.”
     Mrs. B claims Simmang had no reason to publish the videos, which damaged her reputation and “continue to injure the sanctity of (her) marriage.”
     Simmang is also stalking her, Mrs. B says in the complaint.
     “The defendant has been stalking the plaintiff by watching for the plaintiff outside her church and confronting the plaintiff and her family at the Taco Bell restaurant, then following them through the Kroger shopping center,” the complaint states.
     “The defendant from March 19 through March 27 has appeared and followed the plaintiff at the gas station, Randall’s Grocery, the community center and the park.
     “The plaintiff is afraid for her and her family’s physical safety. The plaintiff attempted to secure a protective order under the Family Code but the lack of physical violence inflicted upon plaintiff prevented the issuance.”
     She seeks a restraining and damages for public disclosure of private facts and intrusion upon seclusion.
     She is represented by Ray Epps of Houston.

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