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Cameron Langford

Cameron Langford

Cameron covers federal courts in the Southern District of Texas for Courthouse News. He also writes about trials and lawsuits in Houston, though offbeat feature stories are his favorite. Follow him on Twitter: @cam_langford

Latest Articles by Cameron Langford

Energy costs perpetuate eurozone trade deficit streak

Besides higher natural gas prices tied to the Russia-Ukraine war, EU nations are also facing a drought that economists say will increase the cost of meat, milk and cheese for their residents.

Texas company asks judge to block Biden ghost gun regulations

The right for Americans to make their own firearms goes back to the nation's founding and the Biden administration is trying to curtail that freedom with a vague rule, the company's attorney argued.

Migrant smuggling in trailers a booming business in Texas

While truckers convicted of transporting migrants who died in their trailers face up to life in prison or even the death penalty, the average sentence for human smuggling is just 15 months.