Planned Parenthood Sues Kansas

     KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CN) – Planned Parenthood says a new Kansas law stripping it of federal funding is unconstitutional. Kansas plans to begin enforcement on July 1, chopping $330,000 in federal Title X money for family planning and health care to poor people.

     Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri says the law violates the Supremacy Clause because it imposes restrictions in excess of federal requirements and violates its First and 14th Amendment because it punishes Planned Parenthood for being associated with abortion rights and places and undue burden on patients who seek an abortion.
     The law, sponsored by state Rep. Lance Kinzer, prohibits distribution of Title X money to any organization specializing in women’s health or family planning, including Planned Parenthood, if it does not also offer comprehensive primary or preventative care.
     The law’s “requirements are inconsistent with the intent of Title X and impose restrictions on eligibility for these funds that are in excess of and inconsistent with the restrictions and requirements established by the federal government for Title X funds,” Planned Parenthood says in its federal complaint.
     Planned Parenthood says Kinzer stated on his website that his bill took away all state funding for Planned Parenthood to ensure that state money did not go for abortions.
     “PPKM’s patients, as well as other women and men in Kansas, will be injured by the loss of these funds,” the complaint states. “PPKM will have to make substantial cuts in family planning services, charge significantly more for its services, and possibly close one or more of its health centers. The monies that will be lost fund critical medical services for men and women, including family planning and contraception, pregnancy testing, HIV/AIDS testing, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, detection of cervical, breast and testicular cancers, and vaccinations for hepatitis and cervical cancer. They have never been used to perform abortions.”
     Planned Parenthood says its centers in Wichita and Hays provide services to 5,700 people each year. The centers perform 9,000 birth-control visits, 3,000 Pap smears, 3,000 breast exams and 18,000 sexually transmitted disease tests each year. Each center receives Title X money. Planned Parenthood has received Title X funds for more than 25 years. Planned Parenthood says none of its Kansas centers perform abortions, though two of its Missouri centers do.
     Planned Parenthood wants the law enjoined as unconstitutional.
     Planned Parenthood is represented by Lee Thompson of Wichita.
     Gov. Sam Brownback and Dr. Robert Moser, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, are named as defendants.

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