PETA Challenges State Fair Board Over Video

     KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CN) – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued the Kansas State Fair Board for demanding that it shield a video on “live animals being decapitated [and] dismembered” from passersby at its booth at the State Fair.
     PETA sued the State Fair Board in Federal Court.
     The animal rights group claims it applied for permission to host a booth at the State Fair and show a video called “Glass Walls,” which depicts “animal slaughter, animal harvest, hide removal” and “live animals being decapitated, dismembered or butchered.”
     PETA claims the Fair Board approved its application with restrictions, including no adhesive stickers as promotional items, that sound must be kept at a reasonable volume and the “video ‘must be shielded so that the video or pictures may not be readily visible to passersby or the general public on any side of the booth and so each individual viewer makes a conscious choice to view the video or pictures.”
     PETA claims that’s in illegal content-based restriction of free speech.
     It seeks an injunction so it can show its movie.
     It is represented by William Raney, with Copilevitz & Canter, in Kansas City, Mo.
     The Kansas State Fair starts on Sept. 7.

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