Mom Helped Try To Arrange A Hit

     EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (CN) – With help from his mother, an Illinois prison inmate tried to hire someone to murder a young girl he molested and the girl’s mother, federal prosecutors say.

     To keep the two from testifying, prosecutors say, Edward H. Bareiter Jr., 39, tried to arrange the murders while he was in jail awaiting trial, but another inmate alerted authorities to his plans. Bareiter was convicted and is serving 20 years in prison.
     Bareiter’s mother, Barbara A. Rosselot, was sentenced in August 2007 to 87 months in federal prison for her part in the plot. Rosselot pleaded guilty to preparing information about the intended victims. Though she changed her mind about being involved, she didn’t do anything to stop the plot, court records state.

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