Join the Navy and Give Me Oral Sex

     CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (CN) – A Navy recruiter sexually assaulted an applicant, told her a strip search was part of her physical and said he would help her pass the entrance exam for a blow job, she claims in federal court.
     Carley Walling sued the United States, claiming Navy recruiter Michael Clemens sexually assaulted her after offering her a car ride during her application process in February 2011.
     The only defendant is The United States.
     “In February 2011, Ms. Walling applied for a naval position with the Festus, Missouri Naval Recruiting Office,” the complaint states. “Clemens was the recruiter whom Ms. Walling dealt with.
     “During the application process, Clemens gave Ms. Walling a car ride to the Festus, Missouri Naval Office. During the car ride, he asked Ms. Walling inappropriate questions regarding her sexuality and alleged that the questions related to the application process.
     “During the car ride, Clemens also asked Ms. Walling to perform oral sex on him. Once they arrived in the parking lot, Clemens asked Ms. Walling to perform oral sex on him. Clemens told Ms. Walling that he would help her pass the entrance exam in exchange for sexual favors. When they were inside the Fetus [sic], Missouri naval office Clemens touched Ms. Walling inappropriately and tried to perform a strip search on her alleging that it was part of the Navy physical.”
     Walling said she did not get the job and she reported Clemens’ actions. She says she timely filed a claim with the Navy and its judge advocate general “erroneously concluded that the Navy was not responsible for its own negligence,” or for her “assault, battery, sexual harassment and other tortious acts of its employees.”
     “Defendant negligently hired, supervised and retained Clemens as a recruiter for the Festus, Missouri Naval Office,” the complaint states. “Defendant knew or should have known that Clemens was a sexual predator who misused his authority and power to sexually harass, assault and batter Ms. Walling.”
     Walling seeks damages for sexual harassment, sexual assault and battery and negligence. She is represented by Michael Williams with Williams Dirks, of Kansas City, Mo.

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