Even a Blind Man Could|Have Seen That Coming

(CN) – With “reckless disregard,” the Oklahoma League for the Blind ordered a worker to use a power saw, the now one-handed man claims in court.
     Steve Theis sued Newview Oklahoma fka the Oklahoma League for the Blind, in Oklahoma County Court, Oklahoma City.
     Theis, who is legally blind, claims the nonprofit defendant hired him as a machine operator.
     “On May 25, 2011, plaintiff Theis was assigned by defendant New View Oklahoma Inc., to operate an electric powered radial saw to cut and form wooden chocks that defendant sold to commercial users, when suddenly plaintiff’s right hand and arm came into contact with the saw blade and was severed,” the complaint states.
     “The radial saw was owned by defendant and used in the customary and normal operation(s) of its manufacturing business, located at its facility in Oklahoma City.
     “The above described incident inflicted catastrophic and painfully disabling and disfiguring injuries upon plaintiff Theis, including amputation of his right hand and part of his right arm just below the elbow joint, which injuries required medical attention and treatment, including surgical amputation and debridement of his right hand and lower right arm.”
     Theis, who was 57 at the time, seeks more than $75,000 for his medical bills and lost earnings.
     He is represented by Gary Eaton, with Eaton & Sparks, of Tulsa.

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