Customs Broker Exam|Requires Citizenship

     WASHINGTON (CN) – U.S. Customs and Border Protection is allowing 18-year-olds to take the written exam for a customs broker’s license, but requiring that they be U.S. citizens by the day of the test.
Previously, the rule required citizenship by age 21 or more, when the person applied for the license itself. The rule is effective Sept. 27.
     The amendment “will merely align the requirement for taking the examination with the existing statutory requirement of citizenship for obtaining a license,” and ensures an applicant will “not be precluded from obtaining a license upon turning 21 due to citizenship…status,” writes U.S. Customs and Border Protection, introducing the new rule. When the agency proposed the changes, it “also noted that limiting the examination to U.S. citizens is a reasonable security measure that conforms to the existing citizenship requirement for obtaining a license,” according to the introduction to the new rule.
     The amendment additionally requires that a potential customs broker is not a U.S. officer or employee on the day of the test, instead of upon application for the license. The potential broker also must apply for the license within three years of passing the exam.
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