Countrywide Cheats $14 At A Time, Class Says

     NEW ORLEANS (CN) – Countrywide Financial cheats homebuyers by charging them a “County Recording Fee” when they refinance, but not paying the fee, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     Lead plaintiff Jennifer Webber says that when she refinanced her home mortgage loan, Countrywide charged her $14 for a “County Recording Fee,” which she paid.
     “Plaintiff received a cancellation instrument from Countrywide,” the complaint states, “however, Plaintiff had to pay a recording fee individually to the County Recorder for having the cancellation instrument recorded. … (A)t the time Countrywide assessed and collected these charges from Plaintiff, Countrywide knew it did not return these charges along with the cancellation instrument for the cancellation of the mortgage and, through its silence, Countrywide suppressed the facts surrounding the charges so that it could obtain an unjust advantage through collection of these charges against plaintiff and other members of the class.”
     Plaintiffs are represented by Darleen Jacobs.

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