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Sabrina Canfield

Sabrina Canfield

Sabrina Canfield is a science and environmental reporter based in New Orleans. Since 2006 she’s covered New Orleans-area political and environmental happenings as well as Orleans Parish Civil District Court and the Eastern District of Louisiana for Courthouse News. Outside the daily slog of new filings from area courts, Canfield writes from hearings in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and produces news features including recently how the spike in Covid-19 cases from the Delta variant affected schools, and Hurricane Ida. She keeps an eye on the state’s ever-shrinking wetlands (a football field lost every 100 minutes!) and the political tug of war between local bureaucrats who side with industry and the residents and conservationists who want to preserve what’s left. Among the memorable experiences she’s had while on the beat for Courthouse News was when a nationally syndicated photographer and reporter duked it out in an open doorway during a helicopter overflight of the Gulf of Mexico. The Montana native expected to be in New Orleans just a short time but became enchanted with the culture, people, and natural world along the way. Though she misses mountains and snow and senses an alternate universe in which she is an avid cross-country skier, she enjoys the bountiful art, music and food New Orleans has to offer, the abundance of water and issues surrounding it, and exploring the natural world. She lives in the city with her family.

Latest Articles by Sabrina Canfield

Opponents of Louisiana plastics plant celebrate order revoking permits  

A ruling revoking air permits issued to Formosa Plastics cites environmental racism in a stretch of former agricultural land along the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge known as “Cancer Alley.”

Fifth Circuit asked to block permit for Texas gas export terminal

Environmentalists and fishermen argue a permit for a liquified natural gas terminal along the Texas coast violates the Clean Water Act because the project will destroy hundreds of acres of wetlands.

Study shows intricacy of dolphin interactions that almost rivals humans

Intricate bonds among dolphins prove a similarity with humans once thought to be unique to primates and that appears for the first time to be even closer to humans than primates.