Concealed Carry Law Passed in Illinois

     SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CN) – The Legislature overrode Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of a concealed-carry law, making Illinois the last state to approve such legislation.
     Both houses on Tuesday overrode Quinn’s attempt at restricting the law. The House voted 77-31 and the Senate 41-17 to put the original language of the bill into law.
     The 7th Circuit ordered the state to have a concealed-carry law into place by Tuesday, after finding that Illinois’ ban on concealed carrying of guns is unconstitutional.
     Had the Legislature not acted by the court’s deadline, Illinois might have had to allow carrying of concealed weapons without restrictions.
     The Democratic-controlled Legislature in May sent the bill to Quinn, a vocal opponent of concealed-carry.
     Quinn used the state’s amendatory veto provision last week to write restrictions into the law, including a one-gun limit per carrier, a 10-round limit on ammunition and limits on where guns could be carried.
     The Illinois State Police now have 180 days to implement the law.
     Once implemented, residents can apply for a concealed-carry permit for $150, to be issued within 90 days. Non-Illinois residents will have to pay $300 for the permits.

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