Collectors Accused of ‘Terroristic Conduct’

(CN) – A woman says a Michigan law office employs a “court officer” who uses “terroristic conduct” to collect debts. In a claim in Detroit Federal Court, she says Weber and Olcese PLC, of Troy, hired co-defendant Robert Reznick, who flashed a badge at her, invaded her house at night and said that “unless he was paid $40,000 in cash immediately, he would take all personal property within the home.”

     Sandy Osmer says Reznick identified himself as a sheriff’s deputy and told her that “if she did not cooperate, he would call the police department and have her arrested.”
     Osmer, who was alone in the house, says she told Reznick to leave, and he said he would accept $5,000. She says Reznick continued threaten her even after she noticed that the order authorized him to seize her husband’s. She says that when she got a friend to offer the $5,000, Reznick still refused to leave.
     Osmer claims Weber and Olcese already had been sued for about Reznick’s conduct, but continued to threaten “severe repercussions” against its employees if they did not use him to make collections, because Reznick’s tactics brought in more money than anyone else.
     Defendants Jeffrey Weber, Michael Olcese, Reznick and the law firm are accused of conspiracy, abuse of process, false imprisonment, conversion, fraud, extortion, intrusion, trespass, and violating consumer and civil rights laws. Osmer seeks punitive damages. She is represented in Federal Court by James Shaw.

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