Class Disputes Best Buy’s Computer Claims

     CLAYTON, Mo. (CN) – Best Buy grossly overstates the battery power of the laptop computers it sells, according to a class action in St. Louis County Circuit Court. The class claims Best Buy lists a maximum battery life for each laptop that is more than twice its actual battery power.
     Best Buy does not explain how it calculates maximum battery life, but lists it for all the brands the chain store sells, named plaintiff F. Damon Barton says in the complaint.
     Barton claims the maximum battery life claims are based on a dim, barely readable screen, a disabled Wi-Fi and an idling computer processor – in direct contrast to Best Buy’s advertisements.
     The class consists of all Missourians who bought a laptop or notebook computer between March 2008 and the day of judgment or settlement, and to whom Best Buy specified a maximum number of battery hours.
     Barton estimates that the class will include at least 100,000 people. He is represented by John Medler of St. Louis.

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