Chicanery Alleged in Bear Mounting

     HOUSTON (CN) – A hunter who saved DNA from a “trophy black bear” claims in court that taxidermists gave him a bear rug and mounted skull from an “inferior bear,” not the trophy bear he brought them.
     Michael Rosenberg sued Joseph Lesh dba Sportsmens Wildlife Artistry, and his father Joe Lesh, in Harris County Court.
     Rosenberg claims he dropped off “his trophy black bear with a pelt measuring approximately 7 feet 9 inches long” at Sportsmens in November 2010.
     However, “The bear rug and the skull mount Sportsmens delivered to Michael Rosenberg were neither the size nor dimensions of the trophy black bear Michael Rosenberg delivered to Sportsmens,” the complaint states. “Sportsmens provided Michael with an inferior skull mount and bear rug.”
     Rosenberg says he confirmed this by having the University of California at Davis genetics lab compare a blood sample he kept from his bear with the bear Sportsmens gave him.
     Rosenberg seeks damages for deceptive trade, fraud, conversion and breach of contract.
     He also wants the Leshes to return his bear hide.

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