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Rox Laird

Rox Laird

Rox Laird has written about the courts, legal issues, and constitutional law for more than three decades. An editorial writer at The Des Moines Register and a reporter at the Des Moines Tribune, he specialized in writing about the First Amendment and public access to government information. He was recognized by the Iowa Supreme Court in 2015 for his “strong voice in support of justice.” He has been recognized by the Iowa Association for Justice and Iowa Legal Aid for his writing.

Latest Articles by Rox Laird

Federal judge strikes down latest version of Iowa 'ag-gag' law

Iowa’s efforts to bar recording of animal abuse in livestock facilities has twice before been found to violate the First Amendment.

Dog owners ask appeals court to revive challenge to Iowa city’s pit bull ban

The owners say there is no scientific evidence that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds.

Bringing in the sheaves in the age of steam

“Threshing Day” with the aid of steam-powered engines was a community event on Iowa farms a century ago.