Boeing F-15 Breaks Up At 18,000 Feet

     ST. LOUIS – Boeing made a defective F-15 Fighter plane that broke up in flight, a Missouri Air National Guard pilot claims in Federal Court. Stephen Stilwell says the F-15 broke apart at 18,000 feet during a routine maneuver called a break turn at 450 mph.

     Stilwell says the plan shook violently then broke apart just behind the cockpit as he flew it on a Nov. 2, 2007 training mission. He ejected, and during freefall was hit by debris that injured his shoulder and arm. Stilwell says the accident was caused by a defective longeron, a main cockpit structural support, and that Boeing failed to notify the United States, the U.S. Air Force, the Air National Guard, the Missouri National Guard and military pilots of the deficiencies.

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