How Bad Can a Worker Get? University of Nebraska Knows

OMAHA, Neb. (CN) — That didn’t work out too well. The University of Nebraska sued a window-cleaning company, claiming it hired a recidivist felon who spent 45 minutes throwing rocks at a cancer center’s windows, breaking $51,315 worth of them.

The Board of Regents sued Crystal Clear Inc. dba the Squeegee Squad, a South Dakota corporation, in Douglas County Court.

For starters, according to the Sept. 7 lawsuit, neither Crystal Clear nor the Squeege Squad is licensed to work in Nebraska, though they have an office in Omaha.

Worse, the university says, the defendants hired a man named George McGinness, aka

Seoras Adhamhan MagAonghuis to clean “the exterior glazed surfaces at the Buffett Cancer Center.”

For reasons uncertain, McGinness threw rocks at the windows for 45 minutes on May 2, doing $51,315.09 worth of damage to them, and another $24,910 in damages to a Jan Kaneko sculpture on the Cancer Center grounds, according to the complaint.

Nebraska filed criminal charges against McGinness, who is not a defendant to the university’s complaint.

The school’s complaint lists 17 crimes to which McGinness pleaded guilty, or no contest, or for which he was convicted before his rock-throwing spree, including seven felonies — two of them drug charges, plus burglary, assault, two charges of arson, and felony unlawful use of a vehicle.

It seeks $76,225.09 in damages, plus interest, for negligence.

It is represented by John A. McWilliams, with Cassem, Tierney, Adams, Gotch & Douglas.

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