Alderman/Attorney Awarded $150K for Libel

      ST. LOUIS (CN) – A former city alderman was awarded $150,000 in his libel lawsuit against 7-Eleven and a store owner, Randy Munton. Tom Bauer, an attorney, was recalled late in his second term in 2005, claimed Munton libeled him during the recall campaign.

     The flier, which was hung in Munton’s 7-Eleven store in Bauer’s ward, accused Bauer of unethical business practices.
     Bauer, 64, says the recall attempt started after Bauer supported the construction of a QuikTrip near Munton’s store.
     Bauer plans to challenge sitting Alderman Bill Waterhouse in the March 8 primary. Waterhouse defeated Bauer in 2005 and 2007.
     Bauer was awarded judgment in City Court.

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