Alarming Claims of Abuse in Texas Foster Care

     RICHMOND, Texas (CN) – The friend of a Texas foster mom raped the girls in her custody and passed them off to other men who sodomized them, a couple claims in court.
     Tara and Hade Doe sued Laura Davis and the foster care agency America’s Angels, on behalf of their minor daughter, Alex Doe, in Fort Bend County Court.
     Alex allegedly spent two weeks in a psychiatric facility after she was rescued from her attacker, but the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) made “hardly any effort … to gain justice for this child.” TDFPS is not a defendant in the lawsuit.
     “Almost nine (9) months past and no contact was made for the child to be interviewed by police,” the complaint states. “As well, TDFPS placed the child back in the care of Laura Davis whose boyfriend alleged (sic) raped the child and then took her to other men to rape her. As of today, Laura Davi (sic), is still operating her foster facility with children being placed in her home by TDFPS and defendant, America’s Angels’ (sic) Inc.”
     Davis allegedly cares for foster children at a residence she rents in Fort Bend County, Texas.
     “Ms. Davis’ male friend often visited the home and on one occasion was seen having sexual relations with another under-aged foster child in the back of the residence on or about New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012,” the complaint states. “Although defendant foster mom, Laura Davis knew or should have known what happened between her male friend and the under-aged foster child, she did not report it to anyone and continued to allow him to visit her home.”
     Alex allegedly ran away with another girl whom Davis fostered on Jan. 13, 2012, after Davis threatened her “with physical punishment by the other girls in her home.”
     “Subsequently, Laura Davis’ male friend picked up both girls and took them to the Scottish Inn on Highway 6 and Beechnut in far west Houston,” the complaint states. “After sequentially having sex with both girls, he took them to meet with 4 or 5 other gentlemen who proceeded to rape both girls, sodomizing them and throwing them out of the vehicle in the late hours of the evening. Alex Doe was traumatized and eventually rescued by residents in the community.”
     The family wants at least $3 million, plus exemplary damages, for gross negligence and civil rights violations.
     They are represented by Troy Wilson of Houston.
     On its website Houston-based America’s Angels says its “mission is to develop contributing adult citizens by providing superior child and family services in a safe, stable family setting.”
     A call on Sunday to the agency’s director was not returned.

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