Aggie Conservatives Sue Texas A&M Bosses

     HOUSTON (CN) – Texas Aggie Conservatives sued top officials at Texas A&M University, claiming the school violated its rights by refusing to supply funding for the club to host a Republican speaker.
     The Texas Aggie Conservatives, “a recognized student organization at Texas A&M University,” sued university President R. Bowen Loftin, its vice president and director of student affairs and several directors of its Student Advisory Board.
     “When Plaintiff Texas Aggie Conservatives (‘TAC’) applied for Student
     Organization Funding to host a nationally recognized speaker, Star Parker, to talk about poverty, race, and social justice issues, TAMU officials denied the request because TAC is classified as a social and political student organization and the event involved social, political, and religious content and viewpoints,” according to the complaint.
     “At the same time, for example, TAMU officials have allocated the same funds to the NAACP, even though it bears the same classification as TAC; the Muslim Student Association for a religious event; and the TAMU V-day for a self-described feminist speaker on women’s empowerment.
     “By treating TAC differently than other student organizations simply because of the content and viewpoint of its message; by denying TAC eligibility to receive Student Organization Funding for its activities, including the Star Parker event; and by allocating the student organization funds without any criteria or standards, Defendants violated TAC’s constitutional rights and caused irreparable injury to Plaintiff.”
     Star Parker writes a weekly column for Scripps Howard News Service.
     The Aggie Conservatives seek damages for constitutional violations, and an injunction to stop defendants from enforcing the Student Organization Funding policy.
     It also wants $2,500 in actual damages.
     They are represented by Scott Fiddler of Houston.

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