WWE Brain Injury Case Moved to Connecticut

     (CN) – A former professional wrestler’s lawsuit claiming World Wrestling Entertainment profited while putting his and others health at risk, will be moved to Connecticut, a magistrate judge ruled.
     William Albert Haynes III filed his class action in the Portland, Ore. Federal Court in Oct. 23, 2014. In his complaint he contends the WWE is in the “business of selling violence” and has profited at the expense of its wrestlers’ health by subjecting them to extreme physical brutality.”
     He also claims the WWE misled wrestlers to hide the true consequences of the injuries they sustained during performances.
     In response, World Wrestling Entertainment filed two motions: one seeking to dismiss the case, the other, to have the case moved to Connecticut, where it is headquartered.
     Magistrate Judge Janie Stewart granted the motion for the transfer of venue, holding that the cost of litigation is neutral for the parties, but non-party witnesses would have an easier time attending court in Connecticut.
     Stewart declined to act on the motion to dismiss, saying it would more appropriately be dealt with in the new venue.

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