Worker Says Airline Spied On Her| After Pilot Sodomized Her

     ATLANTA (CN) – A flight attendant claims that Atlantic Southeast Airlines violated her privacy by placing her under surveillance to retaliate for her suing the airline because a captain drugged, sexually assaulted and sodomized her on a layover.

     The plaintiff sued the airline in federal court on Jan. 9, claiming an ASA captain sexually assaulted and battered her. Since then, she claims, the airline has placed her “under surveillance without her consent for the purpose of harassing and intimidating her,” invading her privacy, stalking her, and inflicting more emotional harm.
     She claims ASA Capt. Craig Cumbie sexually assaulted and sodomized her on Nov. 4, 2005, after giving her a “date rape” drug. She says she complained to police and to the airline. She claims she recovered briefly while being raped, and protested, and that Cumbie “admitted (to the airline) that (the plaintiff) told him to stop sodomizing her but that he nevertheless continued to do so.” She claims that Cumbie’s “punishment” was to be given a one-month paid leave; she received no such leave.
     She is represented by Jennifer Jordan with The Barnes Law Group of Marietta, Ga., in Fulton County Court.

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