Women Say Cancer Clinic Sold Snake Oil

     LITTLE ROCK (CN) – An Arkansas company suckered two women for thousands of dollars for bogus breast cancer treatments, and warned them that “consultation with medical doctors and pursuit of any other form of cancer treatment would harm them,” the women claim in Federal Court.

     They say Lase Med charged a total of $13,250 for its “Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia,” which allegedly “could kill cancer without the need for additional procedures or utilization of any follow-up drug regimen.”
     Ann Marks and Marta Kollar say they sought alternative treatments after being diagnosed with cancer. In response to Lase Med’s promises, Marks says she went from California to Arkansas for treatment; Kollar says she went to Arkansas from New Jersey.
     They also sued Antonella Carpenter, who claims to have “a doctorate degree in physics” and who is sole or majority shareholder in Lase Med, and Arkansas physician Dr. Joseph P. Ward, who worked directly for or on a contract with Lase Med, according to the federal complaint.
     Lase Med allegedly promised that its system would “kill cancerous cells by exposing them to extreme heat.”
     Marks says she spent $6,250 for the treatment; Kollar spent $7,000.
     After their treatment, both women say they were told that their tumor was “dead.” Both women say that “Dr. Carpenter” told them “not to consult or follow up with any medical doctors and that they were cured and would be fine. In fact, both were informed that consultation with medical doctors and pursuit of any other form of cancer treatment would harm them.”
     Both women say that their “condition has worsened significantly.”
     They say the defendants misrepresented their treatment as “chemotherapy” and that is “is not a method that kills cancer as stated by Lase Med, Carpenter and other employees and contractors of Lase med, including Dr. Ward.”
     They demand punitive damages for fraud and deceptive trade. They are represented by Will Bond.

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