Woman Says Tech Support Spied on Her Remotely

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A tech-support employee for a lighting company has been accused of intentionally failing to disconnect his remote connection to a female employee’s computer and using the connection to watch her inside her home.

     Danielle Deibert claims in Superior Court that Artemide tech support Tom Lacicero exploited a remote connection while Deibert was working from home. She says he accessed her computer to help her out with a computer problem, claimed to have resolved it, and hung up the phone.
     “Approximately five minutes later, plaintiff realized that her computer screen was displaying the inside of her house as a video recording through the webcam on her laptop,” the complaint states.
     She claims the company never reprimanded Lacicero for the incident.
     She is suing for sexual harassment and gender discrimination, adding that she was fired for alleged underperformance, while male employees with worse track records got to keep their jobs.
     Her attorney is Yosef Peretz.

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