Woman Says Rapper’s Guard Raped Her

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Rick Ross’s bodyguard drugged and raped a woman after a concert during Grammy Awards weekend, the woman claims in court.
     Jane Doe says she met and exchanged phone numbers with Thaddeus James aka Nadrian James aka “Black” in March 2013 during a concert in Fresno, while Black was working as a bodyguard for co-defendants Rick Ross, Maybach Music and Warner Music Group.
     Doe says she hoped Black and Ross would give her a job, and eventually Black invited her to this year’s Cannabis Cup competition in San Bernardino on Feb. 7, where Ross was performing, and met her backstage.
     She had one glass of champagne during the concert, then returned to the W Hotel in Los Angeles with Black in a van. During the ride, she says, Black offered her a drink, turned his back to her while pouring it, and gave her a drugged drink.
     Ten minutes later, she “began feeling intensely dizzy and ill,” asked for water, which make her sicker, blacked out and lost consciousness for about two hours. Black woke her up at the W Hotel and told her to go to his room. Another guest helped her to Black’s hotel room, where she passed out until about 8 a.m., when she discovered from “vaginal discharge” that she “had a sexual encounter while unconscious,” according to the complaint.
     When she asked Black what happened, he “got very defensive and told her nothing happened and she just passed out,” the complaint states.
     Doe says she met a friend in the hotel’s juice bar, discussed filing a police report, and while using the restroom discovered “what appeared to be scented lubricant, pain and bleeding” from her anus.
     Doe says she was “sick and physically ravaged and highly emotionally injured because she knew something had happened,” but her friends advised her not to call the police because she could not remember what happened.
     Feeling suicidal, Doe moved to Texas to live with her sister. She says the panties she wore that night contain DNA evidence of the rape. She filed a police report in Texas after calling the Los Angeles Police Department.
     She seeks punitive damages for sexual battery, emotional distress, civil rights violations, negligent supervision and retention, and false imprisonment.
     She specifically accuses Maybach and Warner of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, failure to prevent discrimination and harassment, and unfair competition.
     She is represented by Okorie Okorocha in Superior Court.
     Ross, 39, born William Leonard Roberts II, is a former corrections officer who founded Maybach Music Group in 2009. He took the stage name Rick Ross from a Los Angeles cocaine dealer.
     Okorocha, of Studio City, could not be reached for comment.

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