Woman Says Johnny Rotten Punched Her

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Johnny Rotten “screamed sexual insults at her” and punched her in the face and her bosses joined in the harassment and fired her three days later, a woman says. The woman was a talent assistant on “Bodog Battle of the Bands,” a reality show in which bands compete for a record deal while being judged by celebrity musicians, including Sex Pistols front man Rotten.

     Roxane Davis claims in Superior Court that her managers at Bodog Entertainment ignored her complaints about Rotten’s harassment. She says they refused to investigate the assault, and that one supervisor told her that she got “paid to be treated like shit, you get paid to take the shit … Now, get back to Rotten.”
     She claims Bodog Entertainment’s attorney knew before hiring Rotten that he “had a propensity toward violent behavior,” but the company hired Rotten anyway.
     “The only warning given to employees was that under no circumstances was anyone to touch Rotten’s hair,” the complaint states. Davis said she was assigned to “cater to every need of Rotten.”
     Davis said the harassment began while she negotiated Rotten’s employment with his agent, John “Rambo” Stevens.
     “In many telephone conversations, Rambo called and referred to Ms. Davis as a ‘bitch,’ ‘cunt,’ and ‘whore,'” the lawsuit states.
     In response to her complaints, she says, a supervisor told her that no one at the company wanted to interact with Rambo.
     “Ms. Davis would not only have to endure the sexually demeaning insults from Rambo, but now she would be the only person at the company subjected to this harassing conduct,” the complaint states.
     Hotel arrangements had to include Rambo, since Rotten apparently refused to travel without him. During one trip, Davis booked Rotten and Rambo into a Radisson Hotel, with a shuttle scheduled to pick them up at the airport. Davis says the men agreed to this arrangement before arriving, but got mad about their “substandard travel and accommodations.” Rambo allegedly called Davis and ranted, calling her a “fucking cunt”, a “fat fucking cunt,” “bitch,” “fucking whore,” and “fat fucking whore.” Again, Bodog supervisors allegedly ignored Davis’ complaints.
     Later that day, Davis says, she ran into Rotten and Rambo while dropping off another Bodog celebrity judge at the Ritz Carlton. Apparently, Rotten and Rambo had booked rooms at the Ritz, but Rotten was in a rage because the rooms lacked an inside connecting door. Davis says she heard Rotten screaming at a hotel employee about having to enter Rambo’s room from the hallway. Davis says she approached Rotten apologized about the door situation, and offered to find a room with an inside adjoining door for the next night. That’s when she says things got violent.
     The complaint describes the melee: “Rotten then began screaming sexual epithets and obscene insults at Ms. Davis [such as] ‘fat fucking cunt’ and ‘fat fucking whore.’ Rotten then cocked back his fist to strike Ms. Davis and punched her in the face. As Rotten punched Ms. Davis, Rambo grabbed both Ms. Davis and Rotten and they stumbled violently, with Rambo and Rotten falling against the wall.”
     Davis says she got loose and ran for the elevator, with Rotten screamed insults all the while.
     Davis also claims the company forced her to organize nights out at strip clubs. One of her duties, she says, was to scout the clubs with two female coworkers, to “test out” the strippers’ lap dancing abilities. She says she submitted to the demeaning ordeal because she was afraid the company would fire her if she refused. When she complained to a manager about her strip club duties, the manager allegedly responded with more sexual harassment. She says the manager “demanded that Ms. Davis go with him to the strip club, and stated that he ‘knew you were into it.'”
     Davis says the company also refused to pay overtime wages. She is represented by Keith Fink.

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